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  1. So the pics below are of my 6 fems 2 BB X NL 2 AK47 X JackHerror and 2 Critical Cheese. They are 2 weeks old and I am growing under a 1000W MH, currently 21" from plant tops, I just turned it up to 100% from 50% week 1 75% week 2 and now 100% until flowering if they make it that far. They seem to be growing very slowly some leaves are yellowing.. The bottom two pics show the worst of the plants with stunted new growth and very droopy leaves.
    My PH is between 5.5 and 6.2. The temp fluctuates between 65 and 80 and the humidity is pretty low around 25-40 RH. I also just got a humidifier and I just bought a Pur water filtration system for my faucet in hopes that it will remove some of the chlorine at least. I use tap water which I get all different mixed reviews about. My tap is under 50PPM but I can definitely smell chlorine. I read the local water testing site and they use chlorine to disinfect is that causing the stunted new growth and drooping of leaves?
    This is my first hydro grow btw. Nutes were 1/4 strength and now 1/2 strength. I'm using AN Micro Grow and Bloom. I have rockwool and hydroton along with 50 gal res half full with 25 gal of water 4 air stones. It's a top fed dwc system.. I thought they were getting too much water like the rockwool is drowning them so I turned off the water pump for now turning it into a regular dwc. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Am I just overreacting like every good newbie does or do the bottom two plants look pretty sick? What should I do?

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  2. Ya they not looking particularly healthy.
    To get rid of chlorine from tap water, fill buckets and let sit for a day and it will evaporate off. Then use it. If it is chloramine instead of chlorine in your water it will not evaporate out. Experience tells me that young plants don't like either one.
    I'm pretty sure they are too small for the roots to reach into the liquid yet so I'd suggest u turn on the top feed intermittently and see what happens.
    I'm also guessing your nutes are WAY too strong for those babies. They don't need any nutes for roughly three weeks (I wait till the third set of real leaves pop) then very weak to begin with. I start with roughly 200 ppm for early feedings
    At their stage of growth they don't need as much light as u are giving them. Dunno if it will adversely affect them but I would turn it down and move it up to three feet above them
  3. I concur with the post above, need to back off on the nutes, and what are you giving the roots? Also I would return to 50% on the light until they start to take off. How far have the roots grown and do you have an air buffer between the bottom of the net pot and water level? I leave a 1/2 inch buffer. I would recommend HydroGuard or Voodoo juice for those roots, and some silica.

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