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    :wave:Hi, this is my first post here on grass city. I'm glad to be part of your community.

    I've been an avid outdoor grower for many years and recently decided to try my first indoor hydro. I will post my journal here as things progress. I went with 5G bubble buckets linked together with a drain fill tank and will be using General Hydroponics FloraNova nutes. I have a 1000W MH Hortilux Daylight Blue in a cooled XXXL reflector and a Galaxy switchable ballast. My space is pretty much unlimited and I'm planning on using a 6x6 scrog table with 6 Afgoo clones. My first question is if I should use a larger scrog set-up?

    Getting to my second question. My filtered city water reads 102 PPM with a PH of 7.5. Of course I will need to lower the PH after adding the nutes. The recomended PPM of nutes on young clones is 400 PPM. So after adding the nutes my PPM should read about 500 PPM?

    My pre filtered city water analysis(from the city website) is 200-500 PPM disolved solids with a 30-50 PPM Calcium. Do you think there is enough Calcium left in the water after filtering to be a concern?

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