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    I am in the final days of my first hydro grow. I wanted to do a complete journal, but technical difficulties, and some other factors prevented me from doing so. Better late than never :)

    I started with 8 seedlings since I had an 8 site water farm for them to transplant into. Four(4) made it into the farm. shortly before I switched to 12/12 my dog ate a plant, so then there were three(3).

    also had some really bad stretch goin on, due to my own negligence, but i will get into that with some more of those pics at a different time.

    *note: images bordered in green are due to my fiance getting
    "fancy" when batch resizing some of my images*

    vvv Me and my girls vvv

    vvv my MH died early on, so improvised with some $10 "grow" lights from Walmart for my blue spectrum vvv

    vvv small group shot vvv

    vvv C99 (tara) vvv

    vvv Pineapple Chunk (Kara) vvv

    vvv Pineapple Chunk (Michele) vvv


    edit: guess i did sumthin wrong in posting pics, i will get it right next time. sorry.
    2nd edit: figured it out. :)

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