First Hydro Grow, Input?

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    First off I would like to say you guys have a great community here and I think I will be sticking around for a while. I just moved to a place where cannabis is legal so I thought I would play around and experiment a bit to see what I could come up with.

    Let me give you a quick run down on the setup.
    We are running a 600w, SolarMax MHT Conversion(92,000 lm's output), x2 65 watt CFL's (Soft White, 2,700k, 4,200 lm's output) x2 26 watt CFL's ( Day light, 5,000k, 800 lm's output each.) 4x4x7 mylar ten, general hydroponics nutes and x4 general hydroponics HydroFarm. 1 Stand up fan, one clamp fan in top corner and 1 fan inside of the MHT to ease off some heat. I also have a bag of Exhale C02.

    I would also like to note that in the corner you will notice a floro and a box im using for germ, they will be out of the tent after they get strong enough roots and I will bring in the other 3 Hydrofarm systems and start putting together my ventilation/Filtering system to keep smell down.


    Here is a few pics of my current setup, it's not quite finished but we are getting there.

    Now I have the following seeds x10 each coming in within the next few days, I am thinking of trying out a bit of cross breeding, I do have a second tent to host a male plant so I can be selective during the pollinating. Do you have any suggestions on what you may think would make a good cross between these?

    Sensi - Northern Lights
    Spliff - Blue Berry
    Sensi - Super Skunk
    Dutch Passion - Brainstorm
    Green House - Jack Herer
    Green House - TrainWreck
    Green House - Big Bang
    TGA Subcool - Qrazy Train
    Sagarmatha - Strawberry D-Lite
    World of Seeds - Wild Thailand
    Bomb - Berry Bomb
    Flying Dutchmen - Aurora B
    TGA Subcool - 3D Third Dimension
    Delicious - Caramelo
    Flying Dutchmen - Afghanica
    Barney's Farm - Blue Cheese
    Barney's Farm - Tangerine Dream
    Female - BubbleGummer
    Homegrown Fantaseeds - Amazing Haze
    Kiwi - 2 Pounder
    Barney's Farm - Pineapple Chunk
    Dutch Passion - Blueberry

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