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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by fat freddy, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Just finished hanging up my first harvest.

    Definetely made some mistakes. But thanks to alot of people here at GC like SmoknVtec,Unoit,ComedyKills and others, it turned out alright.

    Actually harvested a week or so early I think, but I didn't want to risk losing my plant. Before I harvested it, most of the leaves were brown/wilted and dying. There's a thread with some pics about this in the sick plant forum.

    Here's some pics of them hanging in the bathroom the biggest buds.

    Dried some in the oven and it didn't taste to bad. Got a decent buzz off of it. It should get better with some curing

    Anyhoot thanks again to everone.

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  2. wow dude what can i say that big bud is huge you should be very proud of that thing.... very very gooey and fat like fuuuuu....... looks like you got quite a bit out of your plants ...... and hey I don't know how I helped you out but shoot least you got a good harvest congrats
  3. Wow, Nice grow dude, what was the strain? and what was the total yield?
  4. wow that look really good for your first time.:hello::smoke: What was the final weight?
  5. Thanks guys...

    Don't know the strain, as this was bagseed. Probably do one more grow with bagseed, and then get me a better strain from somewhere.

    Hopefully when it's dried, I'll have a few ounces (no scale).

    Comedy I believe you answered one of posts when I started this grow. And that big fat bud is actually decieving a little. It's the top of the plant it's like 4 buds all clumped together
  6. Sorry bros, im so brandnew here and just wondering how long did it take untill you get your final product like that
  7. for a first time grow that looks like a very goood job
    how many plants did you have
    and light
    and how long did you flower and veg for
    overall that is looking pretty fine
  8. Hey Feddy!!
    My pleasure man. Looks fantastic. You smoke up a nice bowl of that for your pals here at Grass City.
  9. Nice job on your first grow!
  10. some fucking nice ass bagseed. Did it look that good when you smoked the weed that got you the seeds?

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