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  1. hey guys, yesterday was my first harvest and now i'm trying to figure out if these buds will even get a person high??? i was forced to cut the plant a few weeks early since i'm in the middle of moving. the harvest was a little over 2oz right off the plant (wet) and it seems to be white widow or northern lights. a 100w MH light was used for the first 2 weeks of budding. then, it was switched over to 150w HPS for about 3-4 weeks. the buds make a room stink with ease and are a bit sticky. here is before and after pictures.

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  2. As long as you dry and cure it correctly (check the stickies in the Harvesting section) it should get a person mildly high, at the least. It looks prety dank for being harvested early.

    What makes you think it is WW or NL? Unless you bought the seeds from a bank, an honest buddy, or got a clone, it's impossible to determine strain.
  3. Another beautiful lady, taken before her time. OH the horror!!! OH the horror!!! Hahaha. just teasing. Sorry you had to butcher her early bro, what a crime against humanity. But she's sure to give you at least a little smack in the eyes for the time you have already put in. Good luck.

  4. When I was taking little bits of my last grow, as it was getting near harvest time, I would take off some of the smaller popcorn buds, dry them, and smoke them...and see what it felt like.

    The earlier buds, when the hairs were still very white (like yours), and there was mostly just clear or cloudy trichs, it would still get you high...but it was a very mental, head high. The stuff from way early on would give me a bit of a headache, too...kinda like drinking bottom shelf vodka.

    It will mess you up, but for me, it feels like there is a vice on my head while my mind is all cloudy and fuzzy.

    I have one plant still growing (harvested the first two maybe a little early), and I am going to let it get really ripe, even over-ripe, so I can compare with my other two.
  5. Dilandau described it very well. It will get you high but not stoned

  6. its bag seed... one of my friends said the guy he got it from said it was either ww or nl. there was a few other people that saw pictures of it on these forums and said it looked like nl. i checked out the harvesting section and already picked up some canning jars, thanks for that info.:smoking:
  7. Well, dry them, cure them, and smoke them and see if you get stoned. No way of really telling until you try them :).

  8. it definitely sucked to cut her down early but it was probably a better idea than carrying a 4 ft pot plant down the street though lol! i'm hoping that the top part of the plant at least makes me a little baked since it stinks really bad still. we will soon find out...

  9. thanks, this is the answer i was looking for.. somebody that sampled the buds early.. i'll compare your findings with mine (when they dry) and see what happens.. what strain of buds did you harvest early?

  10. thats the plan! too bad they don't make time machines. lol
  11. Put it in a box by itself and make it the last thing you move, so you can pack it and move it last, and unpack and move it in first. Or atleast thats what I would have done...
    Honestly its damn hard to tell... your pic looks like what my Greencrack and Purple Kush also look like right now... So who knows.

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