First Growroom for me... tell me what you think!

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  1. Hey all! I posted about a week ago about a setup I had for germination. Although my germination was going badly, my first seed germinated, and I'm getting more seeds soon.

    Right now I live in a huge house: when I say huge, I mean its 48,000+ Sq feet. I found an attic in my house that has never been visited by any of the cleaners or my parents. I can tell because it was filled with cobwebs. I am going to bring a couple of friends over to help me clean the place up before I start my setup. What I wanted to know was two things:

    1) What you think of my setup that I am getting, and if there is anything that I'm missing or should upgrade let me know


    2) The door to the attic is unlocked, however the lights do not work inside of it so it would be unlikely that anyone would go up. Is there anyway I could block off the attic from the inside so the entrance doesn't look weird?

    Ok, here's the setup that I bought and am working on at the moment (under each item listed is a website linked to the item for more information):

    400w HPS Ballast System w/ Four Sided Horizontal Reflector and 400w HPS Bulb (55,000 lumens)

    12 Jiffy Pots (Once the plants get too big I'll get bigger pots, this is just for the seedling stage)

    ONA (Odor Neutralizing Agent) 6 oz block

    Mylar (25' x 48")

    And I got these nice clothes hanging cardboard boxes with a metal shaft through the top to keep my small/mini harvest in and I'd hang my lighting system on the metal rod (I'll get a picture later if anyone requests it).

    Also, I bought 2 cardboard pieces to cover the light being emitted by the light without being shown through the door to the entrance of the attic.

    The mylar will be glued to the inside of those cardboard clothes boxes in order to reflect as much light as possible for the plants.

    Please tell me how far away the light should be and anything else that would be useful.

    Thanks for your time and consideration guys!:)
  2. Cardboard is usually a big fire hazard. But I cannot picture for the life of me what you are talking about...

    So please post some pics : )
  3. the ceilings are about 15 feet tall so how else would i hang my lighting?
  4. Longer chains?

    I'm just saying, I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving my house to chance. Cardboard will either get wet an fall apart, or will get really dry and could potentially start a fire.

    What if this started a fire that got out of control?

    Not only would you have a damaged home, you would also have the fire marshal wondering why you had a light in a cardboard box, leading to an investigation that will probably get you a jail sentence.

    Build yourself a box, or buy a grow tent or something that is safer than this.

    But the choice is yours, I don't mean to discourage you at all, I hope to see your grow in progress and celebrate the good, and help with the bad.
  5. Yeh I completely understand bro... I'm thinking of getting a light hanger that I use for my DJ equipment and just growing the plants on the ground that way nothing will catch on fire

    Any other suggestions? They are greatly appreciated

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