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  1. Hey everyone this is my first grow box. It is 2ft wide X 2ft Deep X 4.5 ft Tall. I painted the inside with flat white primer. I will be starting out with 3 soft white 23 watt cfls and 3 cool white 23 watt cfls. I ran some weather stripping along the inside to seal out light. I cut two holes for intake and out, both about 2 1/4". I dont currently have a fan for the air out but will install one when I get one, I plan on having passive air intake.

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  2. I am just using some bag seeds In this fictitious grow I will be growing two plants in my box, hopefully atleast one will be a female, hence the nana in the bag. I am using scotts potting soil mixed 50/50 with a mushroom compost. I added a layer of lava rocks at the bottom of each of the 10" pots so it will allow water to drain out of the soil if too much gets added. I am germinating my seeds in a damp paper towel inside of a ziplock inside of the box with the door shut so its dark. once the seeds sprout I am going to plant them in the pots and plan to grow them entirely in the 10" pots I think they will be big enough. I don't plan to feed the plants for quite sometime as there should be plenty of food in the potting mix and compost. When they get bigger I have some general plant food I could use or I have Flora Grow and Micro and could make some lucas formula in a container and water them with that. I initially inteded to make a DWC but I will wait until I get a soil grow under my belt first. I like the idea of DWC but I feel soil will be little stealthier for now. I guess thats all for now until my seeds germ. I Will add some pics as I go and any comments or ideas are welcomed about the grow as I am no expert.


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  3. Sounds pretty good so far, but I'll throw out a couple of suggestions. First, the bulbs you list are pretty much for flowering. For the veg stage, you will want to use primarily daylight CFLs (6500k), not soft white or cool white. A couple of cool white mixed in with daylight bulbs would be fine. Once you switch to flowering (12/12) then switch the 6500k for your soft and/or cool whites and you are in business. My other suggestion would be to use 2 gal pots for your plants. 10" pots could be pretty close to 2 gal, so you may be ok there, just a thought. Best of luck, keep us posted with your progress.
  4. Looks good man. I'm looking to do something like that this summer, in a similar sized cabinet. I'll hopefully have 4 plants, because I'm using an auto flower white dwarf. Looks like you got a good set up going.

    Keep us posted.

    Spark a joint and enjoy,
  5. post a link to your grow journal once you start i'm excited to see how it goes :)

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