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  1. Hey you guys alright so im going to start the growing proccess pretty soon and i have all my steps and things i need to do. sooooooo im going to share with you my steps and i want you after reading my steps to tell me if im in good shape or whatever, and if you could recommend me a few tips. im going to grow at an abandoned house down the street, no one will ever go their and if they do it will be in a while and by then i probably would have started harvesting by the time someone finds out, IFFF they find out...haha. im not going to grow in the ground going to grow in pots. Alright? Thanks guys, thanks GC

    1. Germination
    2. Im going to have indivisual plastic cups and with one seed for each, 5 cups.
    3. after my seeds are finished germinating, im going to fill my cups with soil, (my moms always planting flowers and messing with her garden so im going to use some of her potting mix)
    4. after that im going to place the germinated seeds in the indivisual plastic cups, dont need to water yet, because i will get the soil a little wet before, and i know that the seed is already damped in water, so I know i shouldnt over do the water, yet.
    5. wait until when my plants sprout
    6.ill check up on them everyday, water then a little bit everyday. ill wait till my plants show sex before i transport them to the pot, but i have a QUESTION...will my plants be too big for the plastic cup, when they show sex? dont no if that makes sense, but yea...
    7. then ill transport them to a pot, ill probably end up with 3 4 females, so i guess ill just put them all in one massive pot.....would that be alright??
    8. ok then after they start to bud, ill clip them off indivisually and hang and dry in my closet, get a small fan in there also.
    9. cure
    10. START TOKING!!!:D

    ok so basically thats what im planning to do. does that sound alright? please reply with suggestions, thanks!
  2. they will outgrow the cups far before sex is shown, and after theyre sexed they need their own individual pots, i dont grow in pots so im not acustomed to say but i say no less than 5 gallons a plant
  3. You have 5 seeds and think you may get 3 or 4 females?? You could be lucky and get 5 or unlucky and get none.

    I agree with fisher that 5 gallons is the minimum bucket size, and only put 1 plant per bucket. Otherwise the roots tangle with each other and the yield suffers.

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