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  1. ok well i had some badseeds and all 10 iplanted them already..but i had a problem wit the light for a little they stretched out for light...but now i have the fluro under them...but they are still about 3-4inches tall....wat should i do?? the four leafs tha came out on each one..are nice and green..nice nice green....would the tallness matter or what should i do??i got them in 8oz party cups...and its like the 4th day from sprouting..with drainage...ill try to post pics..soon
  2. hwo low do you have the lights you have to keep them real low, esp fluro, but yeah post pics and your info . soil, light info and grow room setup , it will let the experts help you better, because im a noob too. good luck
  3. ok these are the pics of my seed 2 sprout ..these pics are 5 days after they sprouted..i think i messed up on the light..i made a mistake of thinking that at this age until 2 weeks after sprout im suppose 2 to put the light on..i had 3 60 watt fluros..but i cracked 2 so i only had one left at the moment so i connected it to a fluro lamp and i have placed the fluro 3-4 inches above plants..i have 8 plants and they are all the size of a lighter..but the leafs are nice and green..i watered before i planted the sprout and have drain holes..also i havent watered because the dirt is still moist because i over watered a little bit before i planted the sprouts ... they hav stretched to much for light....what is goin to happen now??what should i do? its bagseed by the way... are they going to die??or should i transplant and cover the height of the stem into the dirt??

  4. It's stretching, try moving the light a bit closer.
  5. I would repot them and build the soil up a little more on it the stemp like you said. Definitely get those lights much closer.
  6. whoa. I don't think I've ever seen one stretch that much. yeah you need to repot it and put it in the soil up to about an inch or two below the leaves. if you don't, even if you give it more light now it's stem won't be able to support itself later. so repot it and then put the flouros about an inch about them
  7. ok yea the next day they started slanting alot from the weight of the i put some sticks up to support them .. just until i repot them.. should i keep the light on 24/7 can a fluro catch on fire from heat?
  8. bumpp any more solutions?
  9. thats really stretchy lol. I would support them with straws. Cut the straw to length, then cut the straw down the side, and put it over the plant to keep it from falling over.
  10. let your soil dry out a bit before you repot ... as said above support it until you repot it and yes cover the stem up to about an inch below the leaves ...
    you shouldnt have any problems with leaving your light on 24/7 as long as you wired it correctly eh lol ... that causes arguments all the time as to whether 24/7 or 18/6 is best ... its personal preference to be fair ..

    once you repot it try not to fiddle and interfere with it too much ... and last but not least congrats on your sprouts and enjoy :D
  11. thanks i will do soon as its big of a pot should i transplant them to???
  12. ok well i havent transplanted afraid of ruining them..i have put the stems in straws to help support them from falling...but after tha they jus stopped getting taller because i had put the fluros a few inches above now they growing many should my lightining , etc work when i transplant..and how big of a pot should i transplant them to?? im doing this real soon... i will post pics in few moments...thanks guys
  13. this is one of the plants at close to 2 weeks....i didnt get a chance to buy pots or anything yet..i jus recently started a new job that called me while i started my grow..thats y i havent transplanted yet...will they die if i dont transplant them soon?? how big of a pot??? so should my lighting go now??also i have the straw helpin the stem so it wont tilt..but they are nice and green..all 8 of them..jus a few are smaller than the others..thanks guys


  14. ok so reading through it seems you have 1 60 watt fluro on 8 plants ??? ..... thats a problem ... you need more and better lighting .. the quicker the better ..

    the pots ... well again thats pretty much personal preference some people like to plant the seed in the same pot they intend to flower the plant in and others gradually change pots as the plant grows ... which ever way you choose you will want the plant to end in a pot around 3 - 5 gallons .. if you are limited on space then choose the gradual way ... as at some point you will determine the sex of the plants and discard of the males ... basically with your plants streching so much you need to repot them in pots at least twice the size of the pots you are using because you will need to bury what looks to be coming up to 2 inches of the stem as well as the root ball itself ..

    oh ... when i say let it dry out a little before you repot i dont mean let it completley dry out btw ...

    again have fun and dont panic ... theyre plants ... growing comes natural to them lol ;)
  15. ok well i never repotted the plants..they are growing fine..i have the lights closer..i kept them in the straws and i had also put up like X shaped sticks to keep the plants thinkin about planting them outside..since spring just started here...any suggestions?? should i plant them directly into the soil or should i buy miracle grow and plant them in tha...or should i buy pots and soil and leave the pots outside?? the plants are about 3 weeks old now??? im thinkin about keepin them inside for 1 week or so and then plantin them outside..what do u guys think?? please help..also am i able to tell the sex yet..because i think i have a few females..?? thanks guys
  16. some helpp please?????
  17. as everyone is saying re pot as soon as you can. they will snap otherwise. the straw will assist in cutting in time i would re pot now. good luck

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