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  1. Hello , This is my first grow these are 2 weeks old from seed. I am going 16 on 8 off. 600 watts cfl. the cabinet is staying at around 86

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  2. First, try and drop the temp to 73-78 range. A good rule for flowering is at 1ft. If you're not in a hurry then grow it a week or 2 longer. And your lights should be 18/6 then you could work it down to 16/8 and 12/12 when you flower.
  3. 86 is a little on the warm side do you have a fan in there?
  4. yes i have a purifier/fan it is a little loud but i could keep it on high till we go to bed
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    Whatever works for you :)
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    What's the colour temp of those bulbs? They look awfully red for vegging.

    Also, what is the actual combined wattage of your bulbs? I'm assuming 600W is the equivalent wattage not actual.
  7. I am using 2700 k warm white cfls they are 23 watts ea.138 watts total i have about 2 sf.

  8. Hey green you should prob swap those cfls for 65K daylight bulbs for vegging and yeah get that temp down. Are you planning on flowering in that cabinet too?
  9. yes i plan on goin all the way in this cabinet . i have been using lst hopefully i can keep them under control . i may reduce to 3 instead of 4. they are doing really well so far. more pics a little later.
  10. As mooseman said, swap those bulbs for Daylight bulbs and the difference will be seen within days. Keep the 2700K bulbs for later when you start flowering. What do you mean three instead of four? If you're talking about plants don't do any more than three. My general rule for CFL vegging is 150W for one plant and an addition 50W for each additional plant. Three would be the maximum for you in my opinion.
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    I don't agree with the blades on the 2700k/6500k. my best plant that is growing now had been under 2700k till a couple days ago, only reason she was changed was to put her in a new cab that came with lights installed. I have my smaller plant under all 6500k bulbs, slower growth by far! my last grow was 100% under flowering bulbs, grew like no one knew what was going on. this is just my $0.02.... also it's my experience, but I guess the best advice would be to be on the safe side and get a little of both. You can't go wrong there.

    also, maybe run a fan all the time, go get a quieter one from your local "megalomart" I had to fight with my cab to keep it under 85. I was told that you need more c02 if you have higher than 85*.

    My bagseed turned hermie on me because of temps.... just an fyi.
    Hope any of this helps you out.

    Peace! Smokey

    almost forgot....LOOKIN GOOD!
  12. Ok more pics . I think these babies are doing good they are almost 10 inches across. They are recovering from lst in about an hour. :cool:

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  13. Are the plants the same strain under the same conditions? I just feel like this is ignoring spectrum information that is fact. I have heard you can veg with a HPS but MHs are ideal because they need that blue light.
  14. exact same conditions..... I have also read that there only needs to be a tiny amount of either color to produce the proper conditions. idk, like I said, be safe and use both... can't really go wrong with that
  15. Cool! Very interesting!

    I use a 3:1 ratio of red:blue or blue:red depending on if I'm vegging or flowering so I strongly agree with your last suggestion.
  16. When I did my stealth grow for veg my ratio was 3:1 blue to red then for flowering I swapped it.
  17. Ok here are some more pics. I am gonna start flowering this week.

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  18. Lookin good, keep up the good work. :)
  19. Ok i am a couple of weeks into flowering. tops are beggining to form. smell is definatly an issue. i cant afford a carbon filter/ fan set up so i am gonna try to make my own . hard time telling sex . my camera sucks so i cant get hd pics. let me know what ya think.

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