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    I'm attempting my first grow. Seeds are currentley germanting. They are just bag seeds, still a decent bud though. Planning on a 18/6 grow time for first bit till about 4in-6in due to limited space then switch to a 12/12 to flower(ideas or thoughts always welcome)

    So setup for now
    2x 27w fell spectrum 5500kEcoSmart 27 Watt (100W) Full Spectrum Craft Light, 1 Pack (E)* - ES5M827FS at The Home Depot
    4x 27w daylight 5000k EcoSmart 27 Watt (100W) Daylight, 2 Pack (E)* - ES5M827250K at The Home Depot
    4x 23w cool white 2700k for later EcoSmart 23 Watt (100W) Soft White, 4 Pack - ES5M8234 at The Home Depot
    Box is 32in wide x 19in deep x 24in high (so short bushy plants)

    So far just running lights for a few hours to check temp, puts the box in 60F-65F

    The few question I have so far 1) Will the lights I have work or will they not work (trying to find 6500k but hard to find locally)

    Any questions just ask.

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  2. should have went with a different company. Ecosmart arent very reliable bulbs
  3. Update:

    Have 2 of the 4 seeds germinated (gotta love video game systems)
    Have mylar to line walls of the box (need to hang)
    On order are 6x 26w GE 6500k
  4. sure thats the prices on larger 6500k cfls...for your box a t-5 ho growlight would be perfect and very little heat..i have 400hps and still use my t-5 for veg..$89 at htg supply:smoke:
  5. Update:

    Now have the emergency blanket lined on the walls and doors of cabinet (attached picture)

    Also is an attached is a typed basic time scale on this atttempt.

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    Okay have a question I need to get some venting for my box I'm thinking pc fans will be best for size and lack of space inside for a fan 6in fan fills a 1/5 of the bottom fans I'm pretty sure I can get free use to be computer geek and still finding parts. And if I did my math right i should have approx 6 cubic feet which means even tiny little ones will work. But for the life of me cant find anyway to get power to them without using a power supply, I'm completley lost on this.

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