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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stikman, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. ok already had a good plan i was told from feed back but every one knows plans change so i went to a garden show today and ended up buying coco peat (soil) cause its an airy soil and it holds water good for less watering and it has a neutral ph of 6.2(i was told) and its good for tomatoes and orchids(i was told wats good for growing tomatoes or orchids is good for weed) so heres the new and hopefully permanent plan:

    -in plastic cup put in moist coco peat(rised thoroughly to remove excess salt of ofcoarse)
    and put seedling 1/4 inch beneath soil and cover with plastic and keep it under 1/40 watt bulb 24hrs a day for a week

    -after it sprouts move to a large bucket and put it under 1/100 watt mh until it has 5 sets of leaves

    - after that put it under 1/100 watt mh with a small fan, then introduce nutrients growth stage npk 15-5-5 and for flower stage npk 10-30-10

    heres my questions:

    when do i need to introduce the fan or do i even need it? and wat are the hours i should run the 100 watt mh for all the stages?

    please help and let me know wat i need and wat im missing.
  2. got miracle plant food 8-7-6 is this good?

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