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  1. Ok, So here's the deal. I am starting my first grow and ordering seed's online. What is the best site to order from? Whitch of you guys have passed experience in this feild and what can i expect as to wait time for the seeds. Also I am growing theese in a little cheif smoker in my room, the whole thing is aluminum and the light bounces off of it amazingly. I also have woudl like to know how much i need to water them when i put the seeds in so i dont underwater or overwater. I also am using Safeway Professional potting soil to start is that alright untell veg or so then i can get fox farm.
  2. Dr Chronics Cannabis seeds bank I have ordered seeds from there and they are always legit. They have all price ranges. Discrete packaging and no more than 2 weeks to wait. Aluminum will cause hot spots, flat white paint is the best reflector.
    here's my bullet proof method for sprouting:
    fill a red beer cup (with drainage holes) with dirt then wet the soil so all of it is damp. Make hole for seed up to first knuckle, put seed in and cover with dirt. Cover cup with plastic wrap and a rubberband. Place cup on heating pad in the dark for 24 hours. Move heating pad to cfls after 24 hours and sprouts will begin to break the soil within 36-48 hours.
    water once you can feel the cup/pot has gotten light and the soil is dry when you dig down. that soil will be ok but get fox farms asap

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