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  1. This summer I bought a WW clone from a friend and decided to farm it outdoors. Well I checked on it the other day and it is about 4.5-5ft tall right now and it appears to be forming buds... I think. I visited the plant in the dark for security and safety reasons (and my only light source happened to be my blunt and lighter lol).

    My main confusion is if my plant is male or female? I have been fanatically searching the web but really have no clear results. Here's a description...

    The plant has 4 stalks (about 6 inches off the ground, 3 stalks protrude from the original stalk). At the tops of these (they grew straight up), there appear to be nugs. There is 1 large stem (the stalk) on each of the 4 nugs and, on each of them, there are several smaller stems coming out of the stalk where the nug-looking parts are. On these stems are a gross amount of what appear to be flowers pre-opening (before the hair comes out). I cannot find a single picture that suits what I saw, and I will go back within the next 2 days with a camera for a better description. Also, around these 4 nug-looking parts are smaller nugs that rise up like fingers pointed towards the sky holding a wine glass.

    Here is a very BASIC picture to see if anyone can answer my questions before I go take a picture of the plant. I do have a picture of it in VEG stage in daylight but it just looks beautiful and I cannot identify any male or female parts on the picture.
    The red dots signify the circular pieces of the plant. Keep in mind, this is a sketch for pure visual aide. Their are more then 10x that many dots per top. Leave do grow at the bottom of these as well, but I do nto see, "filler-leaves", anywhere.

    Any advice is MUCH appreciated

  2. I'd also like to say that I hadn't tended to the plant besides watering it every 2-3 weeks with fertilizer. It's in the soil, not in a pot outdoors. I also did not train it or clip anything up to this point.

  3. Does anyone have any idea?

  4. The thing is, its ridiculously hard (if not impossible) to tell if a plant is M or F without seeing the plant itself. The only way is to go look at it during the day, or with a flashlight (get a green flashlight so that you don't stress her) and to look for pistils or sacks. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I think it's gonna be hard to tell without a pic of the flowering stage (make sure that if you do get a pic, get the closest, clearest pic possible, take it near the nodes). So if you do get a pic, I'd be more than glad to look at it for you.

    Good Growing and Happy Toking!
  5. Thanks for the input, I will be headed to my spot in the next couple of days during the day to take out some of my underground PVC for watering and ill also take a nice picture. I just wasn't sure if males had a nug-looking top to them.

    Pistils are like white haris kind of, right? That release between where the branches meet?

  6. I don't let males develop any further than necessary before they get the axe, but I have heard that males produce sack clusters that could look like nugs, specially at night. As to pistils, they are WHITE (not green, not any other color BUT) hairs that develop at the internodes (the parts where the branches meet).
    P.S. Looking forward to solving this mystery once and for all!

    Good Growing and Happy Toking!
  7. I went back to today and the plant looked dead... I touched what I thought was the nug and it just broke into millions of pollens =(

    I am about to go ahead and seed 2 trainwreck seeds and a NL seed to start over. I think I will be trying LST and a few different grow techniques on these as well (but indoors this time). Only way to learn is to try I suppose.

    edit: The plant smelled really skunky though!

  8. If it's a clone, were there other plants taken from the same clone and harvested? If so then I believe your clone would have to be female as was it's mother. Wonder if something else could have happened to the plant?

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