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  1. Hey,

    im very new at this growing stuff i always did read up on and stuff but never really decided to grow until about a week or so ago.. i had some bag-seed..threw a random seed in the dirt and i didn't germinate it... today i looked back at it Had sprouted and started the little leafs.. im wondering if i should add nething to it....or like soil...also the plant is so close to a path because i had to mow the lawn to make a trail and forgot the plant was there so its like 2 feet away from the main trail.. My neighbors go back there and im afraid of them seein it..i have no clue how to move i just cut kinda a big hole and put it in a pot..then bring it somewhere else?

    this would help me so much thanks...

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  2. o in the secound picture thats were the spot is...near the bottem right of the pic...its like another little trail going toward the right, its right infront of that with the little patch
  3. Awesome thnks for the help haa w.e ill jus keep ya guys updated

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