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  1. hey everyone i just begun my very first grow, im growing in organic soil that a buddie of mine has pre mixed up for me as he is going to go hydro and i have a 400 watt mh currently
    now my question right now is i have read quiet a bit and my seeds have now gone into soil im just curious on how long it usally takes too break through the top layer of soil i will get pics up shortly any info will help as i will be updating through out the whole grow just curious how long it usally takes to break through the soil :rolleyes:
  2. It all depends on the room's conditions, water, the seed itself, etc. You can be sure your plant starts to grow if you germinate your seeds first by placing them in a damp paper towel folded inside of an airtight container.
  3. use the search, read the forums. you should easily find answers to these questions.

    if you germinated the seeds in a towel or other method. they should break the soil in a couple days. if you just plant a seed into soil, it can take as much as a week or more.

    but as captain.crunk said, it all depends on your growing conditions. good luck with the grow :smoking:
  4. the seed itself was in good shape had a nice tap root i first germinated in papertowel one layer on the bottom followed by two layers on top
    i was following the thread by stylz germination 420 and water my soil very well let it sit for about 15 minuetes covered with baggies and now they are currently in the room sitting under the 400 going
    the temps around 70 75 80 ish and in his thread says not to water them for the first couple of days because you like did a flush and have the baggies over top keeping moisture in :)
  5. sounds like youve done your research and are off to a good start. you should see sprouts peaking their head out in a few short days. good luck with the grow :smoking:
  6. awsome thanks legalize! :) ill throw up some picks im just sorta worried that i might off planted them to deep ? can that happen? i planted them about an inch and half down second notch on my pinkie ? is that too deep?

  7. Yes much too deep.

    Just barely below the surface would be just right.

    Don't f*ck with it now though!

    If it sticks out its head in a few days - fine.

    If not -lesson learned!

    Don't worry about it though, we all had our little hick-ups.
  8. ahhh fuck! :( i dont want then to die isnt there anything i can do? transfer them into diff pots????
  9. well buddy said 1 inch so i went .5 farther couldnt i just remove a bit of dirt from on top? info needed asap as i dont want them to die!:(
  10. Well look if you try to dig it out you WILL damage the root, if not the main root but at least the fine hair roots.

    The only slight chance you have is VERY carefully trying to remove a bit of soil right above the seed without even touching the seed itself.

    And tell your buddy 1" deep is still too deep.
  11. well i guess he isnt my buddy as i just got the information from a thread he posted called which states not to bury it any deeper then an inch but thats ok as i was panicing and did decide to remove some dirt and as i was doing so

    just skimmed the top layer and there they were :) couple were a bit deeper in the soil but basically they were near the top :) but i still did remove some dirt tho thanks for the input! stick around! always will be updating etc :)
  12. It's all pretty simple (really simple!)

    The more you (have to) mess with a plant the more of a chance there is to mess it up.

    Nature doesn't do it complicated, neither.

    Glad it went OK! :hello:
  13. well update! two out of the group has broke up :) and are now going the cotyledons will good and are look to be coming along well and you can see the first two sets of leaves there really small right now and there doesnt appear to be any streching yet

    my brother broke my camera so hopfully tomorow i can grab another one and throw up some pics!, :)
  14. also was wondering if it wouldnt hurt to keep the baggies over them to keep the moisture in till there a bit bigger?

  15. No keep the bags off from now on. Allow sufficient light to get to your plants.
  16. alright went and took them off gotta say tho there lookin awsome :) ughh! i wanna get pics up so you and others can tell me whatcha think haha :) guess im get exicted :)
  17. hey everyone blah still no camera working on it, my question is so two more have broke through soil but the shell of the seed is still tottally on now should i remove the baggies and let them get full light? or should i wait till the cotyledons are being shown to remove the baggies keeping the moisture in ?
  18. I say toss the baggie, just my 2 cents ... I never use them except to germinate.
  19. they should still open up tho correct ?
  20. Look...don't overthink the's a plant...nature doesn't put bags over seeds/ take them off and expose them to light.

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