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  1. Hey everyone, long time lurker, now I finally have the chance to grow for myself. On Saturday evening I soaked 4 x MAC 1 seeds from expert seed in coconut water for 12 hours and dropped in 5 gallon fabric pot with living/supersoil on Sunday. Last night 1 popped out with helmet head, and this morning 2 more sprouted! I know it is still early, but should I start counting #4 as a dud since the other came up so fast?
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  2. not at all pics
  3. Trying to add pictures, giving me a hard time. I'll try tomorrow.

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  4. If you call it quits on a seed after 5 days you have a lot to learn...
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  5. Spray a little water on the head wait then try and remove head not to pull it out of the ground. The late seed may have had a little problem finding itself under ground. If it was planted upside down it will take a while to surface. Good Luck.
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  6. I truly do! How long should I wait?
  7. Thanks, I'll be patient!
  8. Here some more pics. They appear to like lower humidity than vpd suggests, lowered to 55-60%RH. Temps maintaining 76F high and 69Fl low. I have been watering with half a gallon a day between the 3, plan for this coco living soil appears to like daily waterings, might need to increase soon. I also named the girls, here they are in all their glory 2 weeks from being planted in the dirt! 20221218_133931.jpg 20221218_133917.jpg 20221218_133903.jpg

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