First grow!

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  1. Hello all!
    Finally after a month of waiting for an electrician to come out and install some outlets I made it.
    The run down....
    - 2 4x4 tents
    - veg tent, 6 plants total. Super lemon haze x2, Blue cheese x2, Strawberry diesel x2.
    - flood and drain tray with Lucas formula.
    - veg * 9cfl bulbs
    - flower * 1 600 watt hps
    Not running any ventilation in the veg, maybe a little fan to keep the air moving around. The flower tent will have the scrubber/inline fan venting to the attic.

    55 gallon Rez for flower, ebb and flow system. Might only take the top 3 from veg to flower due to space.

    Wish me luck! Will keep updates coming.

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  2. So a little over 2 weeks into veg from clone.
    The babes are looking pretty stellar (at least I think)
    Thought I had bugs, now I’m just chalking it up to a ph issue.

    Gonna have to flower at 1.5 feet due to space. Hoping around 2 more weeks.

    Here’s some pics!

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  3. Those look like shit. I’ll get some fresh ones up when the lights flick back on
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  4. Were ya living the Amish life before??:love-m3j:

    Welcome to the boards....and to growing....LOTS of good people and info here!

    Happy Growing:passing-joint:
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  5. Hah! No I just have 0 experience in installing anything electrical related so I didn’t want to wing it.

    Ebb and flow + Lucas formula are kicking ass!
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  6. Updated pics

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  7. Just a suggestion......but I would start LST training them....those could pull down easy.....just my -02
  8. I did just top them the other day! Possibly thinking of a scrog. Not sure if it’s too late for that?
  9. I was thinking more like pullin em to the side and tyin em down.........

    The plants normally grow into the SCROG...but you can throw one up there now...make it like half as tall as the plant and tuck those :ladiegaga:under .02
  10. Not sure how I’ll tie with them in the rockwool. I’m transferring to 5 gallon buckets with hydroton for flower. Maybe I can just put em in the buckets now and veg under my 600 w hps?
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  11. IMO........Absolutely!!

    As "flimsy" as they are right could just tie like a 2 oz weight towards the top and lean it over.....but as it get are going to have to heavy the weight or tie it to something else
  12. So at my first attempt to do a little bit of lst I may have accidentally super cropped one of my plants...... or totally killed it.

    Let me know if the LST looks good, and thoughts on the broken stem. Thanks all!

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  13. Good training..........that broken need to untie it...if it's tied up.....and "stint it" back together...a toothpick or old stem or something like that and tape.....thats what I would do
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  14. I don't know if I would put a little piece of tape on that bend or just let it ride but I kinda think it will be ok. No pro by no means

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  15. I thought about putting a little bit of twine around it to hold it up? So many options. Damnit! That was my best looking one lol
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  16. Also I'm new to indoor but as flimsy as they look outdoors I been known to cut my plants in half lol

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  17. I'm positive someone with more experience will come along and give you better advice.
  18. As far as the break though i think it will be fine
  19. Did this. Trial and error I suppose

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  20. Looks ok

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