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  1. 19A05C3B-6B32-4AC4-94D0-786DE20BB148.jpeg 137A0318-5D95-45D6-8199-C347918EAE5C.jpeg B20702C9-9CD3-4C83-B835-8139AC7124E3.jpeg 226BC8EF-8DFC-4828-A07D-6FB6D6EE95DF.jpeg I Hey what’s up guys... finally doing it! Did so much research, watched a lot of seed to stoned and now we’re here... anyways... I made my first mistake by not letting my seedlings get enough light... so they stretched quite abit lol... after looking up what to do I heard transplanting them would be the best option, to bury them stem and allow the plant to grow properly... so that’s what I did... I kept two seedlings in there starting container just to see how these three would react first... it’s bag seed from some “Bruce Banner” so as far as genetics whatever pollinated the Bruce banner idk... so it could be a new strain who knows!!.. and this is just a cheap budget grow... I plan to start an indoor grow in the fall... I know I’m late in the season but it’s just for fun... BTW the white on the pots are little scratches from mixing other soils along time ago... they’re old I used what I had... I drilled some holes at the bottom to ensure good drainage... soil is some Pro-Mix All Purpose... (I realized now about the branches in the soil) no nutes yet... just spraying the soil and a very light water when needed...using some Tap water... I don’t have an Rh meter tho rn... but My areas water ain’t too bad... ppl use it grow around here... so fingers crossed...
  2. If you want to play it safe, I buy Walmart Spring Water to water my seedlings, it's at a steady 6.7PH. I got a PH meter from Ebay for 6 bucks and PH up and down from Walmart. I use tap water but PH it to 6.5.

    Seedlings look good.
  3. Thx man I appreciate... that’s a smart idea actually I thought of doing that for now... I’m gonna buy a Ph meter soon tho they seem like such a stress relief to have lol...
  4. Look at A.N.'s Sensi Grow. I highly recommend using it for beginners, and even intermediate growers. It balances the ph for you. Awesome product. But, buy a ph meter and check the feed water, and then check your runoff as well. Its gonna change. Adjust accordingly. Good luck Growseph!
  5. Yeah man I’ve seen that it’s in my amazon cart haha... just gotta wait till I get some extra cash to order it... moneys tight lol... that’s the plan tho man... I wanna do everything properly.., and good luck to you too man!
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