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  1. Overall just want any advice people have to offer. She’s about 5ft tall give or take. Using fox farm grow big. Once a day in one gal jug. She’s in 10 gal pot seeming to want more water everyday. Still vegging due to being grown outdoors.

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  2. (Thinking aloud about the possibility of a preemptive support cage.)
    She has, yet, to 'put on weight'.
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  3. What do you mean? I’ve trimmed her twice. What kind of cage should I get?
  4. Wire cage that looks like a funnel. Too late now. Just get some stakes and stick in pots. Than seperate colas and defoil the big fan leafs that are blocking bud sitea

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  5. Okay thanks.
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  6. You can still make a cage out of metal fencing material to wrap around the plant.
    I’m just thinking that it might start sagging out.
    I have several cages that I made for my wife; for Peonies and such; keeps the stalks from falling over.
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  7. Here is a photo of a couple of cages that I made for plants from fencing materials;
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  8. That’s pretty unique I like that.
  9. I think it's called fencing wire.
    Hardware store, growing centers, feed stores...
    all different sizes.
    I'd get it by the roll; pea fences and such... I gardened a lot.
    I can go to the hardware store, now, and buy a length of suitable wire.

    A tomato cages are okay, but they can prove flimsy.
    In any case, you need to START with those installed.

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