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Help out a beginner grower, any info is appreciated.

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  1. IDK what this means (poll responses)

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  2. IDK what this means (poll responses)

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  1. I just started my first grow, ordered some feminized original haze seeds from a site and planted one. Its about 8 inches tall now and looking to move indoors. Was hoping for some info on the set up I should use, nutrients, how much water, space, light (light height) and other general tips to optimize my yield as well as fix for my next grow. Pics posted below is where the plant is now and what I have used nutrient wise from the local horticulture shop.

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  2. what kinda light you using and how big is the space? and what medium?

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  3. Havent chosen a light yet. This is from 2 1/2 weeks outdoors.
  4. Im trying to get info on what lights I should buy, how many hrs of light it should gte, what nutrients to use for maz bloom, ect.... straight up beginner stuff

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