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  1. Hey all,
    I'm in my 6th week of veg of my lonely bagseed plant I have left. Cheap grow box, 3 42w 2700k cfl and 3 24w 5000k cfls, FF soil, smart pot. GH flora trio nutes, 6" fan. I'm very new, and spend hours plundering forums and other learning sources, but any and all advice and tips are greatly appreciated as you can never have enough knowledge. Thanks in advance guys.

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  2. If the leaves touch soil they will be languish.

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  3. It's still recovering from transplanting, so leaves are droopy, I am open to suggestions on fixing the problem.
  4. You can dig the soil under the touching leaves or prune off the leaves which are touching the soil

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  5. You are doing well Don't trim anything

    currently she is a squat thing but with those red leaning bulbs

    should grow taller over the next few weeks

    You have done well with the correct kit

    except for them 'unknown' seeds

    next time get the right seeds in

    that way you KNOW what you grow

    you know what to expect...!!

    good luck
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  6. Thank you sir. I used bagseeds as a trial learning experience to learn the in and outs before spending money on seeds.

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