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First grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Darren66701, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Hey guys I'm a first time grower and can use any tips right now I just mixed regular soil with a real little bit of mg probably not even a cap full I'm starting my plants off inside in a window and going to move them within the next four weeks to outside. What should be expecting for taking the course I took
  2. What strains did you get? And what kind of regular soil? Growing for the first time is all about details. Mark the brand you used, and strains, and keep track of they're growth so you can know what to expect your second go round. This is a perfect way to keep all your pictures and notes in one spot
  3. Germinate the seeds by leaving them in water in a dark space until you see white taproots sprout and start off in small containers. Solo cups will do. The smaller, the faster the seedling will fill its container and grow.

    Miracle gro isnt great soil due to the heavy nutrients but since youre using normal dirt too it shouldnt be all that bad. Next time youre at another store pick up some perlite, id mix 20-30 % in there

    Seeing your chosen path, i wouldnt expect Grade a plants. But theyll do fine during veg. Outdoor plants dont need much

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