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  1. whats up GC, started my first grow in my closet about 2 days ago with 2 seeds(sativa).
    Im using Miracle Grow Garden soil in a cup and i germinated the seeds.
    then i panted them in the moist soil and now one has sprouted.
    There in a box with some tin foil around it .
    im using a CFL 40 watt bulb (walmart) on a office lamp sitting a few inches above. 24 hour light on them
    been watering once a day with a mist of water from a hose.
    What should i do next?
    Should i wait for it to grow a couple leaves and change the soil to something else and add perlite?
    Should i get a 60 watt bulb?
    more watering? should i set up a fan?
    It needs to be a lowkey working progress, i just need the basic ingredients!
    any help would be appreciated. thanks! ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416605437.206633.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416605516.645211.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416605533.612395.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416605582.981860.jpg

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  2. Do y'all even try to read the stickies?
  3. Deadass that light aint cuttin g it. You gotta like upgrade man haha. Get like a 4 socket bulbn thing man and ull be ay ok you know man
  4. You need at 80 watts per plant..., not equvilent either... Lol good luck homie

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    I bet that is "40 watt equivalent" which means it is actually something like 12watts.  So yes, you will need more lights, you will need enough actual watts to get at least 100 watts, that means 6-8 of the type you have or at least 4 of the 23w "100w equivalent" bulbs. Minimum, otherwise it's just not worth it.
    You should have filled those cups with soil, not half filled.  Only water enough for the plant to use, don't water the soil especially when you move to bigger pots.  It's better to water a little every day than to water a lot once a week.
    Tin foil is useless, it is shiny but not good for grow spaces.  Plain white surfaces are better than tinfoil for reflecting light.  Use white plastic, card, or paint.  Mylar is something special, it's not just kitchen foil, don't kid yourself that its the same.
    Read the stickies, look at some grow diaries, see what other people ahve done, make a plan, and get back to us.
    Good luck!

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