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Discussion in 'General' started by xAuslandeRx, Nov 4, 2014.

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    So i just started my first grow ever, i have two plants just sprouted around 2in. theyre just random seeds i grabbed not sure what they are. They are in my closet (not sure on dimensions) and i have them in two 4 x 3 in. Pots (i know i will have to transplant soon to bigger pots). I have a used UVB reptile light that has been working fine and a old fan constantly on circulating air. i recently found a blue point underhood car led light, i was wondering if maybe this would possibly do anything to help the plants? Its just a long tube one for mounting under car hoods to work on cars. Any tips also would be gracefully accepted, sorry for the lack of details.
  2. It will be a hit and miss,personally i would abandon this project, and wait till you have proper equipment,and seeds that you have some kind of providence.fuck they might be males.

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  3. I mean is there anything wrong with males other than not getting sinsemilla? And im gonna try and continue it as long as possible to kinda see what happenes and have some sort of experience my buddy has a wayy better set up and resources im just seein what will happen

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