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  1. hey all!
    so this is my grow atm. its small and basic, i'm doing i guess trail runs to make sure i can actually
    grow shit seeds before i buy some and fail!!
    -so to begin, my main question is im putting seeds in to premoistened soil, and letting them sprout before i put them under light, is that ok? there not in a dark room only light is sunlight threw a window....
    but to my current op . please comment tip, anything.
    ( i no it looks awful i have mylar i still need to put up and i need to actually make the closet look good and build on!
    one of my concers atm is my last picture, that spot on the leaf is that ok? what causes that?
    right now im watering daily with a 10ml Sryinge ( its a new clean one, i have from work) is there a better watering system? i use multiple doses of water not just (1) 10 ml . anywhere from 3 to 5.
    i should and prolly will start tracking more consistantly here soon.
    and the little one just sprouted yesterday or the day before, and the bigger ones been growing for about 2 weeks. maybe a litle less.
    but anyway  let me know what ya'll think!!!
    thanks :D


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  2. Good looking start, maybe think about putting the older one in a bigger pot now

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  3. yah im going to buy a few things i think a small fan, and a few pots to transport into. i think ima take it out of my closet and into the spare room, allowing more air flow and such. maylar the walls and what not.
    do you think a 5gal pot is to big? start at a 1 gallon?

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