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  1. So this is my first time growing. My fried gave me a bunch of og kush seeds and they are germing right now. Anyways I have a somewhat stealth dresser grow set up right now. It's 2x2x1. I have a small computer fan for exhaust and the dresser has holes already put in for intake. I have a 100 watt 18" grow light. But even completely sideways its to big so I cut a hole in the back of the dresser and let it stick out and put tape over the hole and the light so no light shows. I have the extruding light covers by a black light out side of the dresser so it's not noticeable.




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  2. I'm working on sealing the rest of the light but I ran out of tape
  3. Nice DIY man! what are your temps around?
  4. 70-75
  5. What kelvin rating is that grow bulb?
  6. 5000 k I'm working on building another taller flower box I already have a 100w cfl 2500k for it right now
  7. Cool dude.

    Some friendly advice though...I don't think plants absorb too much light at the 5000k level. You really want 6500k for veg and 2700k for flower. I'm sure she will grow under the 5000k, but probably not as well as it would under a 6500k.

    But hell, I'm sure things will be just fine the way they are now.
  8. Thanks man. I still have the receipt and I think I have a 3 month return policy so I think ill head back to Walmart an get a 6500k. I want what's best for my plants that I can still afford haha

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