First Grow with pics/ any tips, help?

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    :smoke:Howdy, i'm new to this place, basically looking for a place where i can get help on my first lil' baby. anywayz... I'm using a closet in my room, i have a 120 watt spot grow bulb that hangs from closet rack lol. im using bulb cuz my buddy went to get lights and he asked about growing a plant indoors and hanging the light above plaant, guy at store smiled and gave him this and said it would do the job, it doesnt give off much heat, it gets about 85F in the closet. i water whenever soil is dry which is about every day and i leave light on for 15 hours and then off the rest. i dont have any air flow besides opening the door at night along with windows.. so i know i need to improve alot of things but thats why im here, and im not looking to spend alot of money either. Thanks in advance and im gonna put pics up asap
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    If you're growing indoors and mean to take it seriously, an HID light is your best bet. I use a 400w High Pressure Sodium lamp in my closet, which is about 40 square feet and comfortably grows 4 plants. HIDs give off a lot of heat, though, and 85 is already running on the hot end. Good air circulation is a MUST. It increases the amount of fresh air a plant gets, breeze makes the stems strong, and in a closed space it helps vent heat. I got a $20 fan from my local home depot and put it on the lowest setting. It keeps everything just about right. Depending on how big your plant is and how much soil you have, watering that much might be okay. If you do, though, make sure your plant has proper drainage. Too much water and not enough drainage can drown a plant. Good luck.

    If you want more details, you're gonna need to provide more. How old is the plant? How's it looking? Pictures would help a ton also if you want better advice.
  3. the plant is about a week old, pictures are up now, and what do i do with fan? cut a hole in the ceiling? oh and the pot i use has an auto drain thingy
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    In that small of a space, a small stand up fan might work, but the wall-mounted variety might work best. At this stage, they probably don't need to be watered more than 3 times a week, depending on how much you give them. You're definitely going to want to switch lighting systems, though. If that's an incandescent bulb (which it looks like), it's gonna give off way more heat than light. If money is an issue, I'd go for a few Compact Fluorescent least two per plant right now, and more as they get bigger. I'd also switch to a longer day cycle since they're still really young and need to grow. A good 20-4 or 18-6 work really well for me for the first few weeks. Since it looks like you're working with seeds, you're also going to have to be careful about female plants later on.

    Check out the "Absolute Beginners" section on this website for more help, and these links oughta be useful too.
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    kool, ill look into the lights, and about the fan, me and my buddy will either get a small fan or a fart fan or both, but i didnt know they needed 18 to 20 hours of light. about the male/female im just praying that it will be a female lol. but i appreciate the help and ill keep updating on lil' buddies growth

    about female part, did u mean the smell later on? Cuz on that i have no clue on how to deal with it except maybe a fart fan, also i only have 2 nieghboors which r both good distance away

  6. Yo im also a new grower. I stared on the same light as you.. You must change it right away with im guessing on ur budget would be CFL's... if you dont your plant will begin to stretch.. which means it will get to tall before if bushes out, eventually making the plant not able to stand.. (it happened to me):bongin:

  7. Check out my picks there on the first page..
  8. Yea, I agree you need to change to CFL's--that's the cheapest way of doing it all. From the picture it looks like you have the Philips Grow Light? If so, you definitely need to change. If any bulb gives up too much heat in a closet the plants will burn. CFL's are great for closet grows. Make sure to get the 6700k bulbs for vegetation stage and get a few of them (at least 100 watts). Also, you may want to look into buying some mylar sheets to cover the closet walls with--it's the best reflective material (not too expensive).
  9. Put some more soil around their stems and bring your light closer. Some reflection would help... even potato chip bags turned inside out is better than nothing...

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    thanks a bunch guys, ive actually moved this to growing journals so please post there, dunno if i can close this or not. thanks for the input on the light, i thought it was gettin kinda long, i just dont know if the local lowes will have cfl's. and if someone could post a picture of them on my other topic it would be appreciated alot. also ive added a fan for heat and to help the stems strengthen. ill post an update later on on how they look, which is pretty nice right now

    heres my other post in "indoor growing journals" please post there from now on guys, and the help is very appreciated:smoking:

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