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  1. So I'm relatively new to the forums but over the past few months have been reading about everything I could find on this site to help prepare myself for my first real attempt at growing. I put the wheels in motion and now have everything I need for my setup and my white widow seedlings are 3 days into 18-6 light cycle under a 400w MH bulb. I'm just interested in hearing from people who know better than I if there is anything I should tweak about my setup and if everything looks healthy.

    My setup:

    400w MH and HPS bulbs with conversion ballast.
    Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil
    Fox Farms Grow Big and Tiger Bloom
    Oscillating fan

    I think everything looks ok so far but I don't know if I'm just impatient but I was hoping for a little more progress to this point.



  2. Your light seems a little close to me for a newborn seedling. Hopefully you didn't fry her with such intense light so soon after birth (I know this from personal experience btw!). If you don't get any new growth in the next day or so, then expect the worst bro, and start over with the MH about 3 feet from the soil. Good luck!
  3. Ok I wasn't sure how much space to put between them. I've read so many different ideas on this and I didn't want to have the plant stretching upward. It didn't seem too hot to the back of my hand which is the general rule of thumb I kept reading regarding HID's. If not I'll try again with your suggestion. I knew I'd probably mess this up a few times before getting it right ;)
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    Yeah, I didn't think my 400 hps at 16 inches was too close to my 10 widow seedlings either - back of the hand feel was good. Sadly, my plants felt otherwise. LOL! If your seedling is pale green and growth has stopped - she's fried bro. Your MH puts out lots of blue light, even at 3 feet, so don't worry about stretch. GL!
  5. Ok thanks dude much appreciated. I moved the lights up and I'll see how it goes. If not I'll give it another shot.
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