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  1. I got a couple of fem. White Widows and wanted to start my outdoor grow. I have 4 plants in total, and 2 new seedlings coming up (hopefully). 3 of the plants are at my friend nico69 (he has the grow-journal up here aswell). I still have one plant at home (got permission from my folks :)). Due to my camera screwing up I only have pics from the first week and at week 3 (and a half). Mainly everything looks fine, just that the bottom leafes are a bit down. The ends are a bit dying of and the 2 leaves all the way down have like 3-4 little yellow spots each. It's not getting bigger or anything but I just want to see what it is. Mainly I think it's a bit overwatering but I could be wrong. The plant is a bit strechted because for some strange reason nature decided to keep the weather bad untill like the start of June. So the plant didn't get enough light at the start, though it's getting along very well. For the past week (about 4 days) it has grown about 2 inches. The weather here is exellent atm, no clouds, full sun. Today and tommorow we got a low pressure area coming over but then the weather will be back.
    Btw I think of doing LST but I don't really know anything about it. I've read some threads atm and I think I should manage, but if you guys have any remarks that I should watch, please be my guest.
    Day 5 (the right one of the first pic).

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  2. This is Week 3 and a half. The yellow spots aren't that clear on the last picture (the camera still isn't right).

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  3. No comments?

  4. hi rastafari :)

    they look great although the ones at my place are gigantic already . I lst'd one as it is the only plant that isnt to big and is in his definate pot.

    greetz from destelbergen
  5. 4 days later:
    Should I start LST?

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  6. im growin ww aswell same stage as you
    keep the updates cumin
  7. Good luck mate and thx for stepping by. The first 2 real 7-lid leaves are coming up

    1 day later :)(After watering and in the evening at around 20.00):
    Check out the strange blue marks on the first picture, been there a couple of days, haven't changed or multiplied. Probably fly shit? :)

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  8. nice duck :D
  9. nice work .... i to am growing WW...check for pics later .... i still need to buy a dig camera........
  10. I have a question hows your drainage? I have a layer of rocks on the bottom of my pot with a good blend of Perlite, potting mix and mulch combined for soil aeration, drainage, and water retention.
  11. On the bottom I have broken glass for the drainage, so something like you :). Also I got a bit of Clay on the bottom. Also I got the pot in a bucket. Each night I check to see if the plant absorbed the water good enough, or if the water just drained through the bottom. The plant absorbs all the water I give it so far (maybe a few ml that drains through). I use Rain water. Hope this answered you question, if not tell me :D. Thx for passing by.

  12. Just checked out your thread... nice grow so far man! You intending on keeping them outside for the whole grow?
  13. Yes :D, thx for stopping by.

  14. looking good mine are nearly ready for flowering i got my
    self 2 200w eco lights cant wait i will tell you wat its like
    good luck
  15. Good I hope yours are going to turn out nicely. Show us some pics if you can.
    Harsh winds here in Belgium atm but my plant is still standing. Tommorow should it be tropical weather again (sure hope so), will post pics when they're standing nicely in the sun and growing on sight :D.

  16. take that stick out of the dirt, and let the plant strengthen its stalk... looking good so far... i wouldnt start LST just yet... i would let it get a little taller with some more node growth then i would start LST... let the bucket dry out a lil bit too they need to suck all the moisture out of the dirt then water :) it promotes root growth(they need to search for more water) and gets a good root ball going :) but anyways looking good for outdoors pullin a chair up for this one :p
  17. he that would be wise but not here in belgium , winds can be very harsh yesterday one of my outdours broke :eek: , in fact it's one of monk's plants ...
  18. The stick just supports the plant for the winds. The stlk is strong and turning in wood but I don't want to risk beaking it. About the bucket, I do take the plant out once in a while to let her drink her water in the soil. Thanks for the tips, and for stepping by. Photo's coming soon (if my cam works)


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