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  1. hey guys It's my first grow and I have to say I have a few questions. one would be, the taller skinnier plant smells more like weed the the shorter one. the one to the left smells more plant like, like any other plant while the other one smells like actual weed. does this have any distinction with the sexes? if so, whats what?? and other thing is I have been been growing these two for about a month and a quarter now and I want to know where am I at in the stages of the life of a plant? if its even possible to tell by picture... they are supposed to be small since I've limited root growth by growing them in small pickle jars the equivalent to those big ass salsa jars. and I've been growing them in a smaller area so hopefully it'll sense the low ceiling and be as short as possible. I'm not expecting much from these two but to just pick a bud off the plant and smoke it will be a first and defining moment of my life. so yeah if anyone can answer these questions it'll be very appreciative. plantums.jpg

  2. Smell has nothing to do with determining sex, you'll have to wait til they pre-flower or you switch your lights to 12/12.
    Speaking of lights.... What are you using for lights. They look pretty stretched and not much growth for over a month old.
    And you're going to have trouble with the glass jars. There is no drainage and at some point you'll have to transplant them and you probably won't be able to get them out without smashing the jars.
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    I'd at least paint the glass so the roots dont see light.

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  4. If you want any type of harvest your going to need a bigger pot! Transplant them to something larger, and something dark! (your gonna have to smash the jars to get them out without killing them. I suggest using duct tape wrapped around the jars before u hit it with a hammer that way u dont get glass everywhere) You do not want light to be able to hit the roots. Thats bad. Its probably why your plants are so small. That and what inked said. You need to have proper drainage and aeration. Im suprised they havent got root rot from being in them jars.
  5. You should prolly pay a little more attention to them. Some signs of a healthy plant would be those leaves on your plant that are dead. Should be nice and green still. And it deffinetly looks quit small for a month and a week or so old. Any more info would be great

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  6. they were supposed to be small so the fact that they are so small isn't a concern to me, I have since moved them from the jars into two plastic containers (covered in tape, with drainage) but for a while now, they haven't grown at all. still alive, just not growing anymore. any advice? and for light, they have been on an outer windowsill from time to time. they don't receive much direct sunlight because they have to be moved from the windowsill every so often. 
  7. Well you barely have 2 sets of new leaves after the first true pair, and its been? Month and a half?
    I would have that same amount in about a week and a half or less.
    Are you feeding them anything? What kind of soil? Whats your temps? yada yada
    From the sounds of it, lack of light, is not going to help your case. Not too mention if you get anymore top growth that stem will crumble, have to bury it in soil if you plan on acttualy doing something with those plants
  8. Take her out of her misery. She don't stand a chance with u growing her.

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  9. Thanks guys, I can clearly see what the grasscity community has become.
  10. I would seriously do the following:
    1.  Try to get them some more light and some consistent light.  Maybe a coupe of 6500k daylight bulbs hanging over them no less than 3 inches away.  leave them on 24/7.
    2.  Transplant them into at least a 1/2 gallon container.  make sure the new soil is at least to the bottom of the first set of leaves.  make sure you are using some decent soil.  if you dont have nutrients, get some soil with some nutrients in it already, just get them something.
    I dont know if your actually try to grow these plants til they bud, but if you are, you are going to need to really consider those steps that i have mentioned because i dont see much growth coming from your current setup.  those plants need adequate light and root space so that they can grow.  in this stage it is the most critical.
  11. That's a pretty rude comment coming from someone asking for help. It's just his opinion that you should "put her out of her misery" because you're an inexperienced and incompetent grower.

    I understand you want to keep it small but a mason jar is far too small.
    I could understand if this was an animal, to put her out of her misery, but it isn't. and when the plant dies it's only going to effect me. so to actually consider the plants well being as something to be relevant to only to make a comment is completely unnecessary. I just feel that people aren't understanding that I am inexperienced and incompetent with growing, because I never said I wasn't. but I'm being treated as if I came in here like "YOO DUD Y MY PLANTS DIYNGI I DID EVRYTING PERFICT" which isn't at all the case. some people are just so snobby.
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    Well, judging by the pictures and your questions, I would assume you have never grown anything at all before. So, yes, I think you're being a bit ridiculous. I highly suggest you look at some of the grow guides front to back before attempting any more. Nobody is being snobby, but you have the mentality of a toddler when it comes to growing plants. Take this any way you want. With that said, I'll give you a few tips:
    Those leaves look yellow and nutrient deficient. Mason jars are never a good idea, because you want drain holes as everyone else stated. Roots need to be kept in the dark.
    Transplant those and pour about a tablespoon of 3-6% hydrogen peroxide in with  about a cup water, and pour it all in till it comes out the bottom. That should help with any root rot.
    Next, you need a nute supplement. Try Schulz 10-15-10 to ease it back in to health. 7 drops per liter. Don't add any more than that. It will burn your plant.
    If you want small plants, understand that you need to get them at least a foot tall to yield anything worth growing. Yours look like seedlings after about a week. This is not good at all.
    I highly suggest using metal halide and high pressure sodium set ups. You can read about those somewhere in these forums. I personally use a 400 watt set up. Use MH for vegetative growth and about a week in to flowering. Then switch to the HPS. This is because MH has more of the spectrum required for growth, the HPS has more red for flowering.
    When you get them to about a foot tall, start only giving them 12 hours of light a day. If you're using CFL's, keep them close to the tops and I highly suggest buying a timer for your electrical outlet. DO NOT let any light get to them if it's outside those 12 hours. You should then notice either pollen sacs or pistils starting to grow. This is how you sex them. See sexing in the forums.
    I am a first time grower with indoor, outdoor and hydro plants going. I've had a few nute problems, but other than that, everything is going well because I DID MY RESEARCH. This is why you are getting gruff responses. Your set up looks like something somebody who has no idea at all about plants would do. Read up and if you have trouble afterwards, come here and get a bit of help. I may not have grown before, but I save the elementary stuff for the book reading. I ask the serious questions far and few between. You can get good advice from these seasoned growers, but a courtesy to them is doing a bit of looking beforehand.
  14. Well put. Very well put.
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    I also forgot to include checking things like the pH of your water. From what I can gather, 6.5 to 6.9 is optimum for cannabis. I have had no problems with mine due to the fact that I have well water right in the middle of the pH range for cannabis.
    Growing mediums aren't just personal preference, they determine how the health of your plant changes. I do not recommend any Miracle-Gro soil compounds as they are too rich in nitrogen and generally will cause nute burn if you add any supplementals. In any case, you want something that drains well and isn't loaded with nutrients. Get a bag of basic potting soil and add some peat moss to the mix. This should give you a good basic start. Your plants won't eat up many nutrients for about the first 6 weeks. Then they become important. Some guys grow in the coco-noir I use for my tarantula. It drains well, yet locks in moisture. You can pick up compressed bricks at any pet store and most garden centers. If anybody asks what type of plant you need it for, citrus is always a good answer. Citrus soil is what I am using for my indoor soil grow with good results. As far as the bloom formulas and plant food, remember that high nute content isn't always better and a little goes a long way.
    If you're short on cash and need a good set up, I suggest simply using transplanter pods you would find at any garden store. You can move up and even use plastic cups/tupperware if drainage holes are drilled in the bottom. This grow, I used a combo of bagseed and ordered strains. I suggest using if you are planning on ordering. Some take precautions, but I find that they come discreetly and in sealed blister packs. This way you can get all feminized seeds and no hassles with males. If you do not get your males out as soon as sex becomes apparent, you run the risk of pollenating your females and impacting the strength of your buds/producing seeds. Hermaphrodites are genetic mutations that can occur from a variety of off circumstances, and from what I gather, may be grower induced un-intentionally. If hermies are found, dispose of them the same you would a male. I hope this helps. Like I said, most of this stuff can be researched. If you need help identifying deficiencies, there is a website that does them by category and picture. It also will help you get off the ground and become a better grower. Here's the link for the deficiencies:
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