FIRST GROW what do you think ???

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  1. im a basic newb and gotta couple ?S

    when will i have five leafs on the plants?
    is it bad to blow smoke on the plants?
    when shoud i adjust the lights to 18/6 and 12/12?
    how long can i grow them in the pots i have?
    how can i tell which are male plants
    and what do you think?
    any suggestions to make the op better would be helpfull to thanks to all, also ill add better picss tonight and a video of the room there is two lights and 3 plants all in seperate pots now

  2. haha this is a joke right haha why would u blow smoke on the plants?
    is there supposed to be a pic?
  3. nah not a joke yeah there should be a pic my homie was talking to me bout blowin smoke on them



  4. can anyone help?
    i found how to tell sex but can anyone answer other questions?
  5. Go get a book about marijuana cultivation, it will be your best friend and you will bypass having to come here and ask, not that we dont mind answering, but it will help you ALOT.

  6. You cant use Hydro system now, the roots are bound between the dirt and brushing them off without killing them is damn near impossible, im sure its possible but not suggested for a beginner, plus you dont want your dro water to be dirty anyways. ....You really want a cheap and easy way to grow those bad boys, go get some 100w Equivalant Daylight 6500k CFL bulbs, i just bought some tonight at wal-mart and they were like $9.44 for two. They come in a clear package with blue trim, im sure you can find them. You have 3 plants so i either suggest doing just one plant, or buying 3 packages of 2 per pack. I know your prolly saying now why would i need two for each? Well they give off alot of light but to really be on your grind with this grow and to make them grow the best way you can, use two per plant.
    As for the dro system, ive never had one nor do i know anyone with one, im a dirt guy. Theyre alot easier to move this way, say if your moms comin over, or the cops decide to come knockin on the door, if its the last resort you toss those bitches out the back window and worry about them when the fuckin 5-0 are gone. Ugh just thinking about it i fuckin hate cops man, well dick ones who would come bustin in tryin to fuck up your grow, when its purelly for personal reasons, like dude go catch a fuckin criminal asshole i pay my fuckin taxes, leave me alone man i aint selling this shit! Ok now that i got that out. Growin weed is like a hobby, i got mine in an old speaker cabinet and its prolly the stealthiest thing i coulda thought of. I still live at home but my parents know im growing, its just hidden bc family comes over sometimes and they dont approve of my "medicinal marijuana". Dude its an addiction im telling you i started when i was a junior in high school, grew one plant to 4 1/2 ft and got shit off it bc i wasnt educated (like 4 grams). If you want someone to kinda guide you or give you tips, mssg me or go buy a book, or both. So happy growing and ill b checkin the thread. Peace Dude
  7. AHHHH i just opened the link, good choice my friend, but some strains are harder than others to get right, what you should be thinking about right now is to actually get your first grow under your belt then you can start moving up and up. I dont mean that to be mean or to say u suck in the least but you gunna fuck it up, everyone does. You can go get all the stuff you need if your that strapped on cash but without experience your buying tools without knowing how to use them you know? Start a few plants out at different times so if you realize you did something wrong, then you can correct it with the younger ones and thus giving yourself small pieces of knowledge little by little which any real grower here can tell you, experience is key, im only on grow 2 but i tell you what my ivory is a little better than 1ft right now and its been through some SHIT, i broke the stem damn near in half and it grew back, the room it used to be in was always filled with smoke, etc. and its growing like crazy now.

    P.S. go buy fertilizer, they say to use 10-10-10 or 20-10-10 or 20-20-20, but i'd suggest something a little more moderate because like me your a beginer and you dont want to burn the plants with nutrients, so i'd suggest 5-3-3 like i use. My plants were being deprived of Nitrogen (N-P-K = 5-3-3 = Nitrogen, Phospherous, Potassium) and had yellow spots on them, the book told me to go get nitrogen enriched fert. and guess what, the book was right...hence why i say a book is key to your success because sometimes you dont got time to be waiting on people to reply, so you go thumb through the book and you'll get your answer. BTW hydroponics is covered in almost every marijuana cultivation book, so you get EVERYTHING you need in one book. Good Luck
  8. Did some work today and picked up another 8.5 inch clamp light like the other except i am using a 120w plant bulb so know i have the fish tank lined with foil the two plants in the tank and on each side a grow lamp then in the middle the smaller lamp for heat.
  9. hey dude here what you NEED to grow, not the most efficent but the most cost effective.

    First of all it needs to be 70-90 degrees FIRST of all (either using a heater or a light or ur house is hot enough wherever they are)
    Secondlly go to wal-mart and grab two 6500k Daytime CFL's for EACH plant your planing on growing. That will get you to flowering (about 8 weeks-12 weeks pending on strain). Then your lookin at getting a HighPressureSodium or HPS. Thats when it gets a bit expensive
  10. hows it looking??

  11. Looking good, but I prefer to grow without stakes, it should be able to support its self unless the light is causing it to stretch. When flowering, stakes might be a necessity.. How many days has this picture been?
  12. In the last pic u posted i see the first set of leaves yellowing a little bit, what does this mean is there a nute defiency some where

    what kind of nutes, soil water r u using

    should they be yel;lowing this early

    just wondering???

  13. In my experience, yellowing leaves (retaining green veins with yellow leaf material) points to a Nitrogen deficiency. Not very clear from these pics though.

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