First grow very droopy leaves! 5 weeks in

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    Soil: FFOF
    Nutes: Botanicare pro bloom and hydroplex
    pot size 1 gallon
    12/12 from seed

    Ill have pics up soon.

    So I am about 5 weeks in on my first grow I did 12/12 from seed just to see if in my enviroment would be ideal for growing. I have it in a pot from walmart that says fits 12" plants so probably a gallon.

    Just recently within the last week the plants have been getting very droopy.

    Nutes? Overwatering? Not inserting nutes properly?

    So its about 5 weeks in I am assuming that the nutes that are in the soil are probably used up already. But I have been feeding them the botanicare after about 3 weeks in.

    Now there are a few smalls holes in the bottom of the pot. But I never put enough water in there for it to run out the bottom.

    Here is a pic from like a week ago. No nute burn no discolor just droopy leaves. Well there not that droopy in the pic that pic is like 4 days old the y are very droopy now
  2. its 18/6 or 20/4 or 24/0 , 12/12 is for flowering dude =]
  3. if its not from over watering it may be from underwatering.
    also transfering into a larger pot could help you out too.
    what kind of lights are you using?

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