First grow, Tryin SoG method but need help

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by stelter, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. So Im going to apologize ahead of time for the length of this but for those of you interested, i really need some help. so basically this is whats goin down, im moving to an apartment and plan on doing a 10-20 plant grow (SoG Method and just for personal use). I got basically the whole set up figured out(finally) but there are some remaining questions i couldnt find.

    btw Not really a question but i know Indicas do better using the SoG method, any ideas on strains? im trying to get atleast 3 different strains that grow well together.

    1. Im planning on using one 400w hps light for the flowering stage. i know it would be best to put them 4x4 but it gonna be in a closet. Do you think i could get away with 16 plant lined in 2 rows of 8 if walls and floors are covered in a reflective material?

    2. What is the simplest/easiest planting medium to grow in? I did some research on this but was still confused after. Right now i THINK i want a mixed soild. Would using a mixed soil keep me from having to fertalize it, or atleast not have to fertalize it as much?

    3. basically im just getting started so any info you wanna throw in is welcome. Anything you think i need to know. Never can have to much info :)

    Thanks a ton guys!
    -stelter:smoke: peace

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