First grow! too excited....

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  1. Hey guys,

    this is my first post and i do wanna say I love this site for all the great advice given out.
    My buddy has been collecting seeds for years and i saw his stash and thought to myself, why not throw some in some soil and see what happens? Ive read thru the guides and germinated almost 3 weeks ago. I have maybe 10-12 germinated and I threw them in party cups with some quality seedling soil and left for thanksgiving break (to visit my family) and handed them over to my buddy to water while I was gone. He called today (its been 3 days since I planted them) and said their almost 4" tall. This made me crazy excited and I decided to put a little more effort into it. Today I found (in my greenhouse at home that my mom never uses) a light timer, water timer, ph strips, nitrogen strips, capsules that compensate for high or low pH, quality fertilizer, 2-4foot flourescent T12 ballasts with the 4 grow lux lights already in them, and a couple empty pots.
    I feel like I won the lottery.

    I cant wait to get back on sunday and set these up in my closet. I will post pictures of my setup on sunday, but I was wondering if you guys have any advice for me? Really excited and just looking for some support, its a great feeling knowing that you have the responsibility for these to turn out well. I was also wondering what kind of watering during the vegetative phase turns out the best...the only concern otherwise that I have about my setup is how im going to ventilate because its a small closet with no door, so I have to figure out how to get a fan in there to circulate while also keeping the closet light-tight with some sort of blackout curtains or something...any advice/support is appreciated.

    happy growing! :smoke:
  2. Leave them alone once planted :) Not totally of course but you will want to touch and tend to them all the time. They will be better off figuring out the watering and leaving them alone unless you are fimming or scrogging or something that involves the plants!

    Dont over analyze whats happening with the plants, they go through stages. If a problem pops up dont post 50 times in all the sub topics in the forums :)

    The best watering? I dont know if it exists but most people follow the rule water it when its dry :) Poke your finger in the soil once a day, when it comes out with no dirt or it doesnt feel moist, water it again until water comes out the bottom. ( dont let it sit in water, thats just when you know youve soaked your plants well )

    If you cant cut a hole in the door to your closet you cant really ventilate.

    The light tight only matters really once your flowering, so youve got time for that. Or move them to a new location once they get to that point.
  3. Thanks for the pointers. I can imagine how id get carried away with messing with them haha. And i should be alright as far as keeping them them lit, and the only reason i would want it light tight is cuz itll be in my room haha but hey, sleep when i die. Plus my buddy might buy a tent for flowering so we'll see.

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