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  1. Hello everybody,

    I am looking to purchase a grow tent and all equipment for about $500, no hydroponics, just doing soil to start with.
    I have been wanting to have a small grow, maybe 3-6 plants or so. So I'm thinking a 3x3 tent would be a good size or maybe a 2x4.
    I have found a very cheap set up on eBay, ships from Canada wich is perfect for me, I have seen other set ups exactly the same costing 800-1200$ this one is only around 500$
    Would you please take a look and tell me if you would think this set up is a good value... Or is it going to be cheap, made in china quality everything? It appears to me to be legit.

    Or would you reccomend another setup for around 500$. Or any ideas on another idea then a tent? Like a fridge, or dresser. Any advice or criticism will be appreciated.
  2. So you're from Canada, eh?
  3. Don't waste your money on those ebay pkgs. Every item in those pkgs. is inadequate . Unless security or odor is not a concern, fire safety isn't a concern just do it right. Secret jardin tent. At least a quantum ballast. A good reflector. Enough nutes to complete grow . You will spend 500.00 almost just on lights if you want you buds thick and juicy. And way more than that if you want to maximize your harvest . A carbon filter that will truly work. Is well over a bill. If you only have 5 to spend now spend it . Be patient and get other half later . Then you will have kick ass garden that will give you product to be proud of.
  4. Thank you for the input

    As security and stealth isn't that much of a concern, just placing the tent in a large bedroom. The bedroom will be kept locked.
    Fire safety is exactly what I was worried about... But you say it wouldn't be a problem? I am not worried about smell very much either. Only a few plants won't stink all too much.
    I will most likely take your advice and get quality. I was also lookin at the jardin tents Going for a trip to the hydro store to look at prices and such. I just want at least a 400w hps to start with.
    Any other products people could recommend?
    About $500 budget. Looking to grow 4-6 plants. Thanks
  5. You get what you pay for. Save your money and do it right the first time. I know from experience. Save yourself a hassle and get the right equipment and then enjoy. Peace
  6. Yea, it's all generic equipment. If $500 is what you have to work with then go for it, even if it gets you through one grow you could buy 4 more setups with your harvest and still have plenty left over.
  7. Check out Gotham hydro for a tent, depending on size 100-200 bucks. As long as security isn't a big issue and you don't mind glowing seams, I can't complain about my 5*5*7.

    Check out htg or a similar reputable dealer (not eBay, amazon only if a reliable product) and pick up a light and fan+filter and go from there. Most important things in this order


    But you can go without a filter the first few weeks, maybe more.
  8. I have some friends from Canada, they seem to have a problem getting seeds past customs in the mail. Just a heads up.

    3x3 is small, in my opinion. But it will work for one or two plants. As long as it doesn't collapse and no light gets in, it will work. It looks great to me, for a 3x3. Look at everything separated and add up the prices, and see if its cheaper than what this costs.

    This setup will work fine.
  9. Thanks flourescents. Yeah 3x3 isn't big at all, only want a small yield. Only for personal use. Also I have done other Indoor grows, but only very small micro grows. 4 cfls in a pc. An 6 cfls in a small nightstand dresser for flowerig haha. They were lst'd to the max. It was mostly for learning and experience. Was surprised I even got any product from it. So a 400-600w hps will be a big difference.
    And for seeds I don't have a problem, I can go to my smoke shop for seeds. They will order from greenhouse seeds an 1 other company. Thanks for the heads up tho.

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