First grow, take a look (Don't laugh :P )

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  1. Well, to start, I got the large fluorescent out of an abandoned house, honestly did not think it would work. It kinda started with that :D Anyway, much to my avail, it did work. I set it up so I can adjust the height. I found the light fixture (one in the back) in the family garage. It was originally on top of the fish tank which we got rid of when we moved. The tube was already there, and I added the cfl's (75w replacement I think) . The tube on the side I just picked up while I was at Wal-Mart today. Have yet to decide where to put it (Any ideas?) The odd thing standing up is pretty self explanatory I think. The candle gel is there just as a weight for added support, make sure that thing doesn't fall over. (I'm paranoid like that) The shoelace doodad is there to keep the top from growing to much into the light. (Which also to my avail needs adjusting every other day) The soil itself is an organic sanitized generic brand thing that I picked up for less than 3 bucks at the local hardware store. So far the only nutes I've given her is regular Miracle Grow (I know I'm sorry, but it's all I could find) I also picked up a 12-55-6 with .10 chelated iron for flowering. (God willing I get that far) The fan is obviously a pc fan that I hooked up to a DC outlet thingy. (Yay! internet. The whole time I was working on it I was thinking it would never work, I was happily mistaken) The foil I put up is already coming down. (Use Duct Tape kids, not Scotch) I know a flat white paint is better, however painting in that little corner in the closet would be slightly difficult, and messy, and smelly, and I wasn't up to it. I've read about Mylar but where do you get it? The plant it self is a "rescue" so to speak. I got it from a friend who was going to ditch it. Calling it "the runt". Anyway he offered it for free so I said what the hell aye? The other one (paper cup in back) is a personal project, consisting of bag seed :p But so far it looks like its coming along nicely. I realize all the wires around and I'm going to clean that up (eventually) Water isn't an issue like it would be with hydro I assume. I water just a bit every day with a small spray bottle. The soil is just about dried out by the time I water it everyday. It seems most of the original foliage is falling off, but new sets are sprouting and the cola is growing and looking much better then I ever hoped for. Well, I think thats about it... Bless you if you've read the whole thing :p I don't think I would honestly. Any thoughts, suggestions, advice is more then welcome. Thanks!

    Sorry for typos and what not, I'm tired.

    This is all hypothetical

    (Paranoia again)

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  2. Aside from being stretched beyond reason, they don't look too bad! Really though, it looks like you've got the idea, just next time when you start out you're gonna need more light and keep it closer to the plants. It also really helps to use daylight bulbs during the vegetative stage. Do your best to train her not to get too tall because don't forget, when flowering starts they can double in size.
  3. the 42 watt cfl ur using is Soft White right?? They're good for flower!! Just not veg = /... Go for Daylight for veg growth...

    And more light would be...

    It may be a drive but search for a local Hydro store and get the good nutes, becuase seems like your going to need its... a lot of it...

    Foil reflects heat + lights so you might want to get rid of it.... Look into Mylar...

    My advice... More lights!!
  4. I say invest in a larger, much taller container and bury a majority of that stem in the ground, this would also put your plant closer to the lights. florescent lights dont give off much heat you should have really started the lights about 2 inches above the plant. Thats the reason it stretched so much was because the canopy needs to be very close to florescents.
  5. Thanks for the comments :D
    I didn't start the plant, I got it from a guy who started it outside and no longer wanted it :p
    That's why it's stretched, I'm going to make sure that doesnt happen with the seedling
  6. Looks better than mine. Ones outside in the sun and now the other is also. Got a few seeds sprouting under the lights{flourescent}. The bigger one is probably going to have to come inside. It's starting to flower and not sure how long it's going to be before it's ready to come down.

  7. Hydro-Shop... brick and mortar or online. Both places will charge you too much though.

    Look for the super silvery shiny X-mas wrapping paper.

    It's cheaper and you're most likely going to trash it your first time anyway.
    (It's a pain to keep clean and I've torn it several times myself)

    Good luck :)

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