First grow, stealth cabinet (Nice pics)

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    This is kind of my setup/progress of my plants...something like that :rolleyes:

    [Skip this if u want? i guess i just feel like telling you my story of this and i feel like typing :cool:]
    so.....i was tired of trying to start plants in my window sill, and then transplant them outside before they were too distinct, but so small, rabbits would eat them/dig them up :mad: so now im planning on vegging them until they are big enough to put ouside or i might just make this a really small grow...but idk what would be the best method considering this box is reallly short(about a foot high...sideways growing?)
    well i was bored and was really thinking about either trying a pc grow box or putting my filing cabinet to use. well i ended up with the filing cabinet (now referred to as 'box'....) this thing was cheap and unfortunately is like swiss cheese. It took a few nights to get this thing light tight. i used mostly household items, such as; caulk (latex, found this randomly in my bathroom), black felt (20 CENTS a sheet at walmart, i only used about one), hot glue gun (I was stuck with a mini one...but it worked, and hot glue is's like liquid duct tape) and random bits of cardboard..

    i ran an extension cord up through the back of the inside of the box, right now my lights ( 2 100 watt) are on 24/7, they used to be on the top, secured to the hard drive magnets with masking tape-bad idea considering masking tape never tape's anything- and i came home to day to the lights laying on 2 of my four plants (burning them to a crisp...donebar) but one of my seeds sprouted so i'm up to 3 now and planted about 4 more

    i feel like i typed tooo much

    Day 9? from spouting the ground and day 1 from sprouting (square container)

    here are lots of pics of my grow box and the plants, and i forgot to mention this is all bag seed from all of the diff bags i've had over the long winter :D

    Also, should i put up some white matt board, we have a butch of piles laying around...or would the shiny metal be better?

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  2. i think this might be in the wrong spot /facepalm if a mod needs too could you move it?
  3. Ya probably should be in the Grow Room Design/Setup.
    Looks alright but i don't really know that much about growing yet...
    I don't think 200w is enough for 3 plants though (you can prove me wrong)
  4. Also, your probably gonna need some ventilation in there?
    But you can probably get some good crops growing if you keep it up.
    You should post some pics of how stealthy it is (outside the cabinet).
  5. i'm working on finding a PC fan that is quiet enough for this (i have old loud ones)

    and im working on some new pics, the outside is alittle bit sloppy up close but from a ways back you cant even notice :p
  6. i forgot to mention, the egg carton has green onions in them lol

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