First grow.. starting to get a little worried.

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  1. These plants were germinated 13 days ago and planted in soil 11 days ago.

    Since this morning i noticed some of the leaves started to turn pale green and were drying.
    I have no clue whatsoever as to what the problem could be except it could be one thing;

    2 days ago i added a little pee to a liter of water about 1/10 parts and mixed it well before feeding the plants. Could id be that i mistakenly sprayed the leaves? Should i never ever do that again? ( I think its the best solution ) ... or is it some other problem?

    Thank you

    Do they look healthy?


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  2. They definitely look like something is going a bit wrong. What light are they under? And what is the temp? It also looks like you might be over watering them.
  3. They are under one 250w CFL grow light and one 150w inca equivalent CFL and indeed i often water them but only a little once a day, is it too much? And the temp im not sure i havent received my humidity\temp meter.. but imma try to see if i can read it with the cellphone. Thanks. Ill put a pic of the light setup.
  4. Put your hand right in front of the plant where the light is shining. If it feels hot then the plants are probably burning. I keep my CFL lights 5 inches away and have fans to keep air circulating around them. CFLs can get hot. The heat is easier to manage than other lighting options, but they can still burn your plants.
  5. Don't pee on your plants, whoever told you to do that was an idiot. There is 3079 different chemicals in your pee. . . Nitrogen is only one of them. .
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  6. Not only that but i think i'd pass on smoking some pee buds. The whole you are what you eat thing.
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  7. Noted, will never add any amount of pee to the water i feed to my plants.

    are the lights too close, though?

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  8. No not if they're cfl's they should be as close as you can get them without burning your plants. Hold your hand back side facing the lights at canopy level for 30 seconds and if your hand is still comfortable they will be too. cfls heat radiating doesn't go very far.
  9. Also, it doesnt feel hot when i put my hand between plants and the light... i stopped running the fan on them this morning, should i put it back on? Thanks guys.
  10. If i were you i'd just make sure the water they're getting is 6.5 if they're in soil and 6 if they're in soiless medium. when you pot them up to a bigger pot make 30% of the soil perlite to help it dry out faster. Add real plant food when they need it and don't listen to shortcut stories shortcuts end up at dead ends usually. They look like they're over watered but i wouldn't be surprised if the massive dose of nitro they got from the pee among amonia and other chemicals fried them a little. Don't freak out just improve the environment for them and usually they're pick up, i've had a few i though were dead that just wouldn't die. One i even started a new plant to replace one when it's roots literally broke in half and the damn thing just didn't die leaving me over my limit by one plant and nervous most of that grow lol. I'm not a pro but i'm guessing a good course of action would be to flush out the pee with about double or tripple the water you normally use to water then follow it with a light feeding and let it dry out untill it's almost bone dry. lift the pot and remember the dry weight, water and don't water again untill it's close to the dry weight again. Heavy dark droopy leaves are over watered dry light droopy leaves are under watered. I found it usefull for a while on my first grow to not water until i saw the thirsty droop because i had a bad overwatering problem. I can't say 100% that i'm right but that's what i would do if i found those in my box.
  11. Those are close to needing to be repotted btw. usually the roots go out as far as the leaves so when your leaves are over the edge of the pot the roots should be there too in my experience.
  12. The fan is to keep them moving a little and strengthen the branches, you should have one or two on all the time. I put mine on opposite sides facing each other to make a little vortex. It also help keep powdery mildew and rot away/
  13. Thank you so much. I was thinking about starting some other seeds just incase they dont heal up. I think in a week i will report them in bigger pots and that will also flush the nutrients off the soil if there is too much that built up. I'll monitor closely a couple times a day see if the problem is worsening or not. i also put the heat to 25 since it was at 20 degrees, but im figured its more closer to the lights than in the room. I watered them more than i usually do but there wasnt water than ran into the plate so im assuming it isnt too much... hopefully it will flush the chemicals a little.
    im also planning on making a closet that will be lightproof soon and that will retain light better. Again, thanks for your help, hopefully things will be okay!
  14. Just make sure they are back to healthy before you transplant them.
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  15. Great advice! Also, don't water a little every day... water till some comes out, and let that dry... Personally I don't let my plants droop, it invites pests IMO... or at the least is an easy target for pests. So I water my plants once every 2-3 days (when the pot is sort of crazy light as you pick it up, but the plant is up and normal... as they mature and flower it may become daily as they are then root bound... toward the end they stop drinking and give up the ghost...
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  16. Just another note... You have a lot of light on those ladies... a bit unnecessary, if you ask me at this point. I would put 10 or 15 plants that size under that 250 alone... I would pull it back about 6 inches... safer than sorry, I say...
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  17. Yea I had a 250. CFLs normally don't get too hot, but that 250 can start kicking some serious heat once it's been left on for 12-18 hours.

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  18. Also i forgot to say but they are on a 24 hour schedule. no dark for my babies.
    Im gonna stop watering until i feel they are dry and see if it gets better, also i pulled the light back up a good 2 inch just to be sure.

    Thanks everyone! Really appreciated. o/
  19. Mine look better with 6 dark in veg. Read they don't grow right in the rhizosphere without some darkness. People use 24 a lot and say it's all good though.

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  20. Yes when i finish the vegetative stage of these babies i will start new ones with a different light schedule to try and see which one i prefer. But i have an electrical timer right here i just thought 24h would provide more light and make them grow faster.

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