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  1. So I have 3 plants..they were LST, HST and a few super croppings. I included pictures. My question is should I start prunning some of the branches or future colas to help the plants focus on certain colas or branches? I tried to spread the plants , out now it looks like an overflowing garden of green.
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  2. out now it looks like an overflowing garden of green. ..?

    Overflowing is GRAND!

    see any trims you take

    as potential clones

  3. Yeah i would trim down some big fan leaves.... any ones that are shadowing bud sites

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  4. [​IMG][​IMG]

    I think these are hermaphrodites. My friend sent me seeds that were from a hermaphrodite and told me they are feminized but in realty he lied to me, thats not how it works. You have to take a female, give it male hormones and then pollenate the female with the male flower or some shit.
    Do those look like male seed sprouts coming out or am I tripping. About to toss all 3 and start over with my seeds I ordered. Ill never trust anybody again with my time. I spent 3 months growing that shit and now im thinking I wasted my time.

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