First Grow! Sour Cream

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  1. Hey everyone this is my first grow in a 2x3x3 chamber for veg.
    I will not be flowering the plants in this, I will flower them in a 2x4 hydro hut.
    I'm growing sour cream (haze/g13 and sour diesel) mk ultra (og kush/g13) white widow from de sjaman and blueberry from dutch passion.

    The larger ones in the cups are the sour cream and the smaller one is an mk ultra.
    I had a hard time germinating the mk ultra seeds. I'm going to grow out 12 plants
    in a bubbleponics system under a 600w hps, i hear that digital ballasts project more light
    and make the bulb burn more efficiently, could anyone clarify on this?

    Also my girls were planted on the 2nd of august, I'm thinking about starting to flower in the middle of september, but I'm not sure how big to let the plants get in veg, they are starting their third set of leaves. Oh yeah and I'm planning on using advanced nutrients,
    not sure what additives.

    Could someone please help explain to me the difference between a fertilizer and nutrients, should i use both? I heard start with quarter strength, how often should I change out the resevoir?

    Sorry for so many questions, I will post updates daily.
    FYI this is a California medical grow, I'm growing out 12 plants because my roommate is also a patient and it's easier to have all of the plants growing in the same place. :smoking:
  2. I've been using Advanced Nutrients for a couple cycles now and I'm convinced it isn't for hydro unless you have a lot of money and time to experiment with the strength the additives work the best at. Hydro isn't a good method for experimenting with nutrient strength because of the one main reservoir. Also the fact the plants drink the solution and alter the ppm and concentration of additives at at is another reason all the additives are best for soil- you always use fresh nutrient.

    With the variety of strains having one reservoir is a pain in the ass too. Some might burn while others get hungry. It can be done, but I would not recommend advanced nutrients for such a grow. It's very expensive and if you don't know what you are doing it will burn the shit out of them. A ph controller is a must in my experience working with advanced nutrients in hydro. They will burn otherwise with all the additives messing with the ph and ppm. The organic nutrients leave sediment and you have to change the reservoir every week.

    With so many stains it would be best to keep the solution as simple as possible until you find out what you want to grow and then start tweeking it. It will take a HUGE amount of work off your back because you won't have to change the reservoir or worry about the ph swinging all over the place.

    It is best to be working with a single mother plant and clones in seperate hydro systems when you want to really perfect the nutrient program. For right now, just keep it simple as possible.

    The electronic ballasts are more efficient at producing light so they produce more lumens than a magnetic ballast at the same amount of wattage. They use the same amount of power though.

    Good luck with your grow, the genetics sound amazing! MK ultra is an amazing strain! I've passed out in my bed and spilled my bubbler all over myself smoking that pot. :D

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