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  1. Alright so if you read my rant in Real Life Stories youd know I am helping a friend n his mom with their first hydro grow.
    To be honest, I lost track of how long its been since we planted these seeds but it is all bagseed, and they were all planted at the same time. We just had to hold off flowering because we didn't have enuogh for a flowering light until a few days ago.

    Alright the first three pics are of the monster, we just put her(I hope!) in the flowering room about 2 days ago. The last of the three is just me trying to show you how bushy she is, hopefully you can tell from that pic. Toward the top we see little tiny ass hairs under a magnifying glass, or barely with the naked eye. Im hopin it really is hairs, but because of the size its hard to tell.

    Fourth picture is of the plant that we succesfully topped, and the next picture is of the shwag plant we topped unsuccesfully and the non topped chronic plant next to it.

    The second to last picture is of our clones, we have been trying for awhile. These ones were doing fine but all the suden they started lookin sickly and the water gets green even days after we clean the tub and replace it.

    The last picture obviously shows the green. Any help with that?

    Thanks for reading/viewing and I will keep you guys updated. Mostly on the monster though

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  2. as for the water turning green around the clones, any stagnant water in a warm room with good light will easily grow algea, and it looks like there is to much water in there ( to me that is ) could be why they look sickly.... from what i see in the pics everything else looks pretty good... happy growin
  3. thanks man we will try puttin less water in
  4. any other comments?
    finally quit bein lazy n posted this,n its just fallin further n further down in the pages
  5. one plant has a leaf with 9 leaves on it, another plant has one with 10 or 11. What the fuck is gion on there?
  6. yay!!! its definitelya female it has atleast 6 pistols now and is getting1 or two more every day
  7. alright heres an update
    the plants been in the flowering room for 2 weeks tomorrow, and it is doin great
    it is atleast 4 ft tall now not including the bucket
    pistils are poppin up everywhere every day, some are getting huge. i could not get a pic of those however because i only have a shitty 2 megapixel camera phone
    but here is the plant

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    alruight noone will prolly reply to this but ima post updates anyways

    here is almost three weeks after we put the big ass one in, shes lookin so dank buds are startin everywhere n the leaves where all the hairs are growin are turnin purple. dunno if that means anything or not though so if it does you should definitely tell me.

    we also put one of our topped plants in there today, n she(hopefully) is doin good i definitely think ima top all my plants when i start my own grow.

    edit: btw the clones started doin amazing n are getting huge. we got rid of the shwag plant coes it fell over apparently, i wasn't there but it kept tipping over the past few weeks. we are now gettin two buckets ready for out clones

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