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  1. Just started week 6. Have 5 Ganja Dwarf, and 2 "dan the skunkman" sativa's grown from the free seeds I recieved with my Ganja Dwarf order. I am a virgin so I did alot of things wrong as I have read on the net and this site. I was excited and jumped in when my seeds came - then started to educate myself.....well - I started by putting all of the seeds in one large plastic (semi-clear) bin with about 50 pounds of potting soil and 20 pounds of humus. Out of 15 seeds 7 are still alive and doing well. Using distilled water. Three of the babies are nearly 20 inches tall! (both sativa's and one dwarf)

    using 8 26 watt cfl's -----yeah I know not enough but all I have right now - they are above and around the plants for better coverage. This mainly is a trial and error learning exercise, for a second properly prepared grow. Still I hope to maybe get something from the babies that remain. Trying to sex, but NO signs after 10 days of 12/12 light? the veg time requirements are different for the sativa's and the indica's but had to 12/12 them as they are all together. Some pictures: [​IMG]
  2. Sex will come. My Sativa Haze didn't sex for a full 14 days after 12/12, during which time it nearly tripled in height to over five feet, so be careful. Just be patient, it will come. The branches will start alternating before it shows too, fyi.
  3. i do hope they arnt in the same pot still, else youll lose more plants pretty soon...
  4. Yeah it's never a great idea to have them all in the same container. It sounds enormous, so you might be ok. You should light proof the container though, light is not good for roots.
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    Ah finally an evil male plant pre flower has shown itself! it's one of the indica's - one of the slower growing plants - also noticed another indica showing what looked like a male sac, I was touching it and it fell off...opps. Will give both until the end of the week to prove me wrong. Also I will post pictures so some of you can help identify as killing some of my babies will be hard to do. So my large container will get even larger for the remaining babies by the weekend. It was actually the 15th night of darkness before the first signs -

    2 days later another male indica has shown itself and been quickly killed. Now have 3 indicas still not showing sex going into 20 days of 12/12. One indica has shown itself to be female, interestingly it is the fastest growing indica of the original 10 seedlings, this Leads me to believe the remaining 3 indicas are most likely going to be male. The 2 surviving sativas are getting huge but have not shown sex going into 20 days of 12/12.

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