First Grow, Sick plants, Help!!

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  1. Hey this is my first grow and my plants are not looking to good. The leaves are browning and they do not look very healthy. The biggest plant started on 5-14-09 and the other two started on 5-21-09. They were just transplanted into bigger pots and are in all natural top soil. They are under 4-100w cfl bulbs. They have two fans blowing on them, im not sure what size they are. I do not know what is wrong with them so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. start over...go get some clones and grow them.I never grow from will harvest faster with clones...i harvest outside with clones about 10 weeks depending on the strain...are you from Cali?
  3. No, i live in Florida, and this is a closet grow btw. If i cant get any clones do you have any advice on how to salvage these plants? or some advice on what to do on my next attempt?
  4. next time try using Happy Frog soil,ur plants will love it...
    i think ur wattage is too high...It might be burning the plants leaves...
    try 24 watt cfl...
    thats what comes in the aerogarden...I use it to start seeds and clone...

  5. That looks like heat stress in my opinion, get the lights a little farther away. You might need some fresh, cooler air in your grow space - fans are great but don't do good when all their doing is pushing around the same hot air.

    If it's not heat stress it's nute burn, but you said your soil had no nutes.
  6. HIGH All, what kind of "natural top soil" does look like the poor Little Gaffer is Burnt.
  7. well origionally they were in soil that did have nutes, but it was transplanted into bigger pots and into new soil without nutes. If the problem was the nutes were the transplanted soon enough to save them or are they already most likely to damaged to be able to survive much longer?
  8. HIGH All, I think they'll still live....just leaf them alone for like no nutes and the likes....and water them when they are dry...not every day

  9. Like unoit said, they're probably still alive.

    Don't worry about it, just take care of them properly from now on and they'll be fine.
  10. they died :( but i have a new plant growing that is doing much better, the lower leaves of this new plant are not doing the greatest but overall i think it is will live, any suggestions on helping this new plant would be great

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  11. Yeah I agree, plain ph balanced water for a few weeks.

    Maybe even try running a few gallons of water through to "flush" the medium of the built up salts and nutes.

    Normal potting soil will have enough nutes for a good two weeks of growth. ( From seed, clone ect.)

    Good luck man! :D
  12. My water is hard so i buy distilled water from the store and it seems to work well. A few of my other buddies do the same.
  13. same thing happened to some of my seedlings too, cept i have an outdoor grow

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