First Grow - Seedsman Auto Blue - last few weeks + harvest (pics)

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  1. So I just harvested my first plant yesterday! :D

    Some info about the grow:

    Strain: Seedsman Auto Blue
    Lighting: Single 200W dual-spectrum CFL bulb + reflector
    Medium: Soil - Canna Professional + 30% perlite
    Water: Tap water and lemon/lime juice for Ph up
    Nutrients: (All Organic) Vertafort time-release pellets, Canna Bio Flores, Blackstrap Molasses
    Age at harvest: ~12 weeks

    Here's the oldest picture I still have of her, at roughly week 7 (2 weeks into flowering)


    Two more photos of the main cola at week 8


    And between weeks 9-10, including one of the full canopy (plant was less than 50cm tall!)


    And a couple at 11+ weeks


    And finally, the harvest, trim, and the main cola after being trimmed


    Will update with shots of final cured bud in a month. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any educated guesses of dried yield!

    I was surprised by the amount of buds I got of the plant with it being so small, and lucky it worked out after it spent the first 3 weeks of its life struggling along in a windowsill!

    Couple issues are that time-release veg nutrients caused leafy bud growth and lack of autumn colors, and the CFL had too poor penetration to develop the insides of buds.

    I'm not sure if I may have harvested too soon as well, because although when checking before harvest they seemed almost all cloudy with 10% amber (and the odd clear left dotted around), after harvesting now they all look more clear again :S :(

    Live and learn I guess, looking forward to my next harvest, a CBD Crew Med GoM Auto #1, which is more of a strain I'm interested in (this one was just a freebie from a friend).
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  2. ypu did well

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  3. Thanks man, any idea what kind of yield that looks like going by eye?
  4. Tough to say on the yeild. Probably around an oz.

    I also started out with a large CFL.

    I later found out that it was better to go with a 150 watt HPS. You should switch to one. You can get a sunsystem 150 watt all in one light/ballast/hood for under 100$. Maybe even 60$. You'll thank yourself later lol

    Now I know that people have great success with CFLs but I dunno...I think it's better to go with a small HPS.
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  5. I was considering moving to a new light (and getting a tent rather than using a cupboard) for my next plant, but was thinking of going with an LED as the low heat and power consumption is attractive to me
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    Just finished the QWISO extraction of the dried trim. Was so excited I didn't weigh the trim before starting, but got a return of about 0.56g. Looks good to me, about to do the all important smoke test. Pics..


    The bud is on day 3 of drying and I think it's gonna be day 5 at least before it's ready, was aiming for a slow dry. Gonna be hard to wait out the 4+ week cure..!
  7. Just finished drying today and jarred up for the cure :) 33g total yield, which I'm happy with! Have tried both the QWISO and a bit of the uncured bud, the potency is mid-range but the effects are very pleasant :) The ground bud already has a lovely smell, which I'm hoping will be intensified by the cure (and maybe a little more potency), and the QWISO has a great smooth caramel flavour.

    Looking forward to many more future harvests!

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