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  1. Hey guys, first post here. I've been reading for a long time and now it's time to build. I plan to do a small scrog grow in a closet or dresser. Please let me know what im missing or suggestions on replacing parts. I have not purchased yet. Just a rendering. I have the money. Up to around 500 dollars to start this. Thank you for your help in advance.

    What I have so far is.

    Crop master 400 watt ballast
    Eye hortilux 400 watt bulb
    System econo wing reflector
    System sungrip light hangers
    Royal gold menudo mix 1.5 cu ft
    Air pot 1.5 gallon
    Air pot 5.2 gallon
  2. Thank You for share !!!!!!!!
  3. Any info would help. Plan on getting clones and beginning today.
  4. Just thrown in for now. Getting plastic, a surge protector, and zip ties to clean the wires up.
  5. Looks pretty good so far.

    I'll throw in my 2¢:
    1. Might be a good idea to get your ballast above the plants (mounted to the wall). Just to avoid the risk of water and electricity mixing haha.
    2. What are you doing for ventilation? It looks like you have a fan mounted above everything so are you just keeping the door open during lights on and letting the fan blow it out? (if so ignore next point)
    3. Get that door covered in some pandafilm or paint it white. (unless door is open all the time)
    4. Are you planning on doing any LST or topping to get her to bush out more before setting the screen up?

    All in all looks like you have a nice setup going now.
  6. Best thing if at all possible is to get that ballast outside the door to cut down on some heat. A 400 watt bulb with no ventilation is going to keep the room a little warm.
  7. Thank you. We just moved it out. Still pretty messy but it will all come together.
  8. Good job man
  9. Plant has been extremely droopy. Water is kept up. And light has been on for 24 hours trying to get it to come back. It was a droopy plant when I got it but I thought it would perk back up with some new soil and a new light. Any ideas? I'm willing to buy another clone. But I don't want to if I don't have to
  10. Light looks a little to high and could be looseing quite a bit with the door open crate an airflow and close the door and just layer the bottom with mylar! good luck :hello:

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