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    Hello Everybody

    This is my first try to grow and I 'd like some opinions.
    I have 3 Royal Dwarf and one freebie (Easy Bud)
    Today is the 44 day after germination.. (6weeks and 2 days)
    I had some problems these days and now my plants are like this :
    As you can see some leaves turned yellow before flowerin period.
    Then they faced "the claw". I am assuming from nitrogen toxicity..
    Although i fed them only the last 2 weeks with BioBizz BioBoom (1ml first week, 2ml second week)
    Only one water with BioBloom per week...

    Also, as you can see one of the Dwarfs is literally "dwarf" haha
    But his buds I think are most matured than the other three..

    I 'm looking forward to read your opinion on my babes and how much time you estimate is left.
    Also when 7 days pass after last time i fed them and got the claw should i feed them again? and how much should i fed them?

    untin 5 days i watered them everyday with water and once a week with biogrow (1ml per week)
    last couple weeks i fed them BioBloom too, only two times..
    Now i changed the watering schedule to once per two days.

    excuse me for my english and thank u for your help


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  2. plz give it a look and respond..
  3. They look great! I really want to grow a dwarf plant next
  4. What is your PH?  What are your temps/RH?
  5. Unfortunatly i dont know the PH.. temp is around 20 - 25 celcium
  6. Let the soil dry out.  Then give it some water at the correct PH.  Pull off the yellow leaves and any leaves that are 60% sick or more.  I think you are giving her too much water.  Also, they look like they are warm to me.  What are you using for a light and what is your medium?
  7. I did that. 4 days ago i let the soil dry out. Then Saturday i watered them a little more than usual and Sunday I did no water.
    Todays (2 days after last water) i watered them again.
    They already look a lot healthier, and the hair started to develpot faster and faster..
    I use HPS 400W light 20/4 since day one.
    Also, i Use All Mix Soil by BioBizzz. Soil with perlite
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    You shouldn't need to water that often.  Every 3-5 days is good.  Some guys let the leaves start to droop before the let them drink.  Too much water is as bad (or worse) than too little.
    Really give the soil time to dry out tho.
  9. The think is that they soil dries out in two days..
    Let me ask you something.. They "rule" is to check if the soil is dried like half my finger..
    But someone told me that plants love their routine.. so is it ok to water them like whenever soil is dried out
    or to have a time schedule like once per 3 days?
  10. It wont kill them to go a day with dry soil.  If the leaves start sagging hard, give them a drink.  They do like a routine, but they also have different needs from plant to plant.  I pick them up and use a moisture probe to tell if they need a drink.  Usually 3-5 days between water.  I feed them heavy, but I alternate and if I notice a burns showing up, I skip a feeding.  Always make sure they have time to dry out tho.  
  11. Thank u very much for ur info.. i will post an update at the end of this week (7th)
  12. I wasn't gonna post until the 7th week end but here we are.. Day 46
    I noticed that after changing the water schedule and let the soil dry the plants flower faster..
    I think the main buds on top started to getting shape.

    Although, I noticed some stems started to turn red.. Is it a problem or is it a matter of strain?

    Here Some pictures...

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  13. Thank you for listening!  :)  Over watering is the #1 issue for new growers.  They like to dry out and they like to react when they have gone without.  Usually by thanking you with vigorous growth.  
    When leaves get to be about a week old, their stems usually turn purplish/red.  Some that practice a vigorously de-foliage approach use that coloring to decide which leaves stay and which go.  Is that coloring on the oldest growth only, or does it occur on the young growth too?
  14. Thanks a lot for your help :)
    Its almost only on leaves that have no bud.. Like a little upper than the first buds of the plants near to root!

    I think its common on Dwarfs turning red/purplish.. I also read it on another thread..

    How long do u expect than the hair will start to turn brown?
    Should I feed them with Bio Grow, Bio Bloom in my next water? (In 2 days, a week after I last fed them)
  15. I am only too happy to help!  I want you and all other growers to succeed.
    The color sounds pretty normal to me.  It is supposed to be an 8 or 9 week strain, so just make sure you stop feeding them two weeks before.  Probably one more feeding and then you should be good.  For sure you should be giving them bloom food.
  16. Yes thats what i thought too!
    I m going to feed them once more and then let the water clear the nutrients until harvest :)
    I ll update the topic in day 49 with pictures and questions probably :p
  17. Sweet!  Here is a little something you can look forward to.  Super Lemon Haze (close up).  I have about 3 weeks to go on the current run.

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  18. Everything is fine! Last days of flowering, some hair started to become brown.. I continue with just water every 3-4 days
    and wait for my babes to be ready :)
    Thanks for the info again, Mad_Prophessor
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  19. I am right there with you.  I am about 2.5 weeks out on one that I am just dying to try!  I have other girls in the group, but I just have a feeling that this Mazar x White Rhino is just gonna be crazy.  I can't wait to try her.  
    Keep up the good work!

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  20. You too my friend :)
    Really like ur strain, i d die to try it to :p
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