first grow questions?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by stayhigh149, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. hi im on my first grow and just planted some blue widow and blue hash plant in a closet set up thats no taller than 2.5 feet and i was wondering how the height of my set up will effect my plant??also wondering how much could i yeild from such small plants?? if what i sadi didnt make sense its cuz..... well im a tad bit high...
  2. um you could always top your plants but what are you running for light and what type of ventilation do you have and how much do you want to grow
  3. im using two 40 watt flourescents bout 6 inches away from my plants and a small house fan as ventilation...sorry for soundin like such a fuckin newb...i was hopeing to grow at least 2 ounces?
  4. anyone have any clue if this is possible
  5. what type of flouros t12 or t5 how long do you want to wait for harvest
  6. i would like to wait the shortest amount of time possible..but that being said time dosnt really matter i guess i just want the best for the lights i believe they are t12
  7. need help someone
  8. That's a very limited height, you will need to stick to fluoros throughout. Get those lights closer, literally like an inch or two from the plants (but don't let any part of the plant touch the light). Put them in containers that are as low and wide as the space can accommodate to give the plants as much root volume as possible while taking up as little height as possible. You will need to LST or scrog to keep the plants low.
  9. T5s are a higher output in lumens than T8,if your not sure about the #s remember tubes are 8/8=1inch so T5=5/8/T8=1 and T12=1.5inches;)

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