first grow....plz look

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  1. It's blue berry kush. I'm goin to we what I find on it.

    My buddy used to grow it and have me these seeds. I germinated them but idk if its male, female or herme

  2. I think thats mostly indica. I just did a bb x AK47 that shit is the bomb!:smoking:
  3. Lol. Yea. It's an indica mix. Not sure what that means for my grow but we shall see
  4. U won't be able to tell the sex until u put into flower. Or keep it in veg till it starts showing preflowers. And a indica plant means it will stay shorter and bushier compared to the long lanky sativa strains
  5. Update......3 weeks and 5 days into flower. Put some mylar emergency blankets up. Hope it helps. I'm just wondering how much bigger should I expect the buds to get. I've never had anything to compare them to so I really don't know if they are on track or if they r looking small. Any input??? Thanks

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  6. Lookin good! They will plump up. Something like twice what they are now, more or less........:D
  7. Thanks. I really appreciate all the replies
  8. New update!! Its been a while since I've posted but here she. 6 full weeks into flower as of yesterday. So how is she lookin? I really thought id see more. Am I still going to see anymore significant growth? Thanks in advance!

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  9. Looking good! I would say another 2 weeks and yes they will get bigger still.
  10. ^^ don't feel bad if you expected more. If this is your first grow I'd say you did amazing. I've seen a lot worse and you honestly didn't do bad anyway. Good grow
  11. Wow, looks great! So shiny :D

    But yeah, they should still swell up a bit more. Plants put on the most weight the last 2 weeks before harvest.

    Looks like a beauty already to me though!
  12. Thanks everyone for the quick replies. So when should I start my flush. Should I start the two week flush now or wait another week or two to see if I can get a little more out of her?
  13. Do we have a strain I.D.? Skimmed the last pages but didnt see it.
    If you know the genetics, that could help determine when she'll be ready. 6-8 weeker or longer? If 55-60 day-er, flush that baby and get ready for some nice flowers in a couple weeks :)
  14. No no deffinate strain I.d on this one. Just a bagseed out of some pretty dank stuff. Got a WWxBB and a LA woman I'm gonna start here soon for my next grow. So those genetics are known :D
  15. That will work.
  16. Your babies look amazing man!
    Hope my first grow is as good as yours!
  17. Thanks MrReil420!
  18. So when should I start flushing? What color do I want the trichromes to be?

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